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Minisocial Login/User Registration System

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Hi, I need to provide a quite complex user registration form: description, subdescription, drop-down lists etc. 
Through this registration, users will be able to access and comment.
If someone responds to their comments, I would like a NOTIFICATION to appear when accessing their panel.
My social interaction project is just that, it seems simple, I don't need more.
Now I am undecided whether to use buddypress, elgg, or a native processwire system.
What do you recommend? 
If you recommend processwire, which modules should I install?
Do they work or is processwire too immature for that?

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Even though I feel pretty confident in using and working with Processwire and building lots and lots of different projects with it... your task/idea would be still a challenge for me - in some kind. 

There is so much more involved than just a registration form, all those fields, user restrictions, notifications, and whatsoever.

To be fair... you will have to code and customize a lot here.
Installing a few (more) modules wouldn't do the trick.

If this is kind of a long-term or fun project to get more into coding and challenging yourself: just start, try and break things, rebuild your code, do whatever is needed.

If this is a paid job or something you really want to share with others: well... maybe look for something that already exists, that is tested and maintained. Like this forum. It's a super solid piece of software. Not that cheap but robust, tested and maintained.

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5 hours ago, franciccio-ITALIANO said:

If you recommend processwire, which modules should I install?
Do they work or is processwire too immature for that?

ProcessWire is mature enough. But is not a ready-made solution for this niche, like the names you mentioned. I have made a system quite similar to what you've described here. But it was a lot of work. And it was made with PW to support dealing with objects already in PW.

So I would support @wbmnfktr here. If you got time budget and the skills (or want to aquire them), and you know you will use ProcessWire for some things not available out of the box in the ready-made solutions, than go for it using PW. If not and you just need a quick turnover, use one of a plethora of ready made stuff. Just test it out out before making a final decision.


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