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Hi there,

using the multi-language site-profile, yesterday I moved all my files into a directory so that the home page is not displayed on my domain url, then I moved them back to the root directory. Maybe I made a mistake while moving the files, but since then I got a "403" error message:

"Forbidden You don't have permission to access this resource."

and  these new files appeared in FileZilla as shown on the picture : .xsessions.error, etc.

The browser show the connection as "not secure" even after clearing the browser data.


Thanks in advance

Screenshot from 2019-10-11 10-43-50.png

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Well... to be honest... your screenshot doesn't make sense.

On the left is your user's home folder. Which isn't meant to be a home for a website at all. Therefore all .php files in there are totally wrong there, while .xsession and similar files are needed there there.

On the right is probably your hosting/server. But there is everything mixed up. Again. If that that folder is your domains document_root than there are some folders missing and some files at totally wrong places.


That's how a ProcessWire folder in the document_root of a domain should look like. At least these are the files I would assume there.

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