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Engfer Consulting


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We recently finished a relaunch of  the website of the consulting firm Engfer Consulting: engfer-consulting.de. Built with ProcessWire 3 and Bootstrap 4.


  • Bilingual website (UPDATE: The English page is now available! the English page is inactive at the moment, as the content is not ready yet)
  • A strong, simple data structure for job offers and news, allowing for a custom search page and fulltext search
  • Sectioned content-blocks built with a Repeater Matrix (ProFields)
  • Reusable components available as page reference fields
  • Automatic generation of open graph-tags, with manual overrides available on each page
  • Contact forms with a custom recipient depending on the current page

Modules used:

  • ProFields
  • ProForms
  • Sitemap
  • Cookie Management Banner
  • Duplicator
  • Tracy Debugger
  • Wire Mail SMTP
  • Admin Links in FrontEnd

Technical insights

Most of the content is built using a Repeater Matrix field. Each section has an optional heading and a select-field for background colors. Some of the sections available include:

  • Text blocks (a repeater-field for multi-column text)
  • Feeds / listing of the latest job offers or news (with a field to control the number of entries shown)
  • Displaying a team member or quote (selected through a page reference field)
  • Downloadable files (a multivalue field for file uploads)

Those sections can be combined and stringed together arbitrarily, so any number of page templates showing different contents can be built. The job offers template, in contrast, features fixed fields for taxonomy assignment, description, contact person, preview image and so on, making the job offer pages uniform and easily accesible.

The (technically) most interesting part of the site is the job overview page, which contains custom filters that are automatically generated from the available taxonomy terms.

The stylesheets are written in SASS, built with Bootstrap 4. Only the base and grid SASS files of Bootstrap are included, along with the Bootstrap components that we ended up using. Using Bootstrap 4 as a framework in this way makes development & styling blazingly fast, once all the utility classes are commited to muscle memory ...

> Our Agency.











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33 minutes ago, dragan said:

Congrats, that's a really fine site. I'm amazed how fast it is, even without ProCache or AIOM. But hey, it's ProcessWire ?

Thanks ? Yeah we are really happy with the speed, despite using using 'only' the normal page cache ... I was planning to utilize caching for some of the overview pages (those pull in data from several other pages), but it wasn't even necessary in the end, definitely a pro for ProcessWire.

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