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Searching and repeaters


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In the "search.php" template that comes with the download of PW, this line allows you to search for "title", "body" and "sidebar" fields:

$matches = $pages->find("title|body|sidebar~=$q, limit=50");

But how do you search for content inside a repeater field?


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Is it possible to search for a certain file (using name of that file) added through File field in admin panel? Simply adding a name of the Field in search.php as is written above generates an error of course.

Can I perhaps retrive names of the files from the records stored in field_file table in DB put them into an array and then pass somehow into the $matches variable in search.php? Will it work with PW API?

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You can match in either the filename, description, or tags via any of the DB-find functions too. 

$pages->find("files.description*=some text"); 

One thing to note is that description and tags have fulltext indexes, but the actual filename doesn't. As a result, if you need to perform a partial match on filename, you can only use the "%=" operator. 

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