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Found 4 results

  1. Hi everyone. As per the title, this is the scenario: I have a main page with a FieldtypeRepeater with 4/5 elements added, where each repeater are called in other pages (linked to the respective repeater by the id: so the pages are url based with their repeater items). Accidentally, the repeater items were deleted from repeater field on the main page. (I know what you're thinking... "Accidentally? How is that possible?" 🤣- But please, trust me 😨: I don't know how they are literally "disappeared" from the page...). Actually only the main page has lost someting (a selection based on the deleted repeater ids), but not the other pages. I suppose if I rebuild the deleted items in the main page from scratch, I will create a big mess in the other pages with the old repeaters and the newer ones. And deleting all the other pages to rebuild them with the new repeaters is not an option. I already checked in the admin tree and the repeaters are still in /admin/page/repeaters/for-field-XXX/for-page-XXXX/ Any ideas to "relink" those repeaters to the original main page (of course without losing original ids or recoding php templates and functions)? Is there any "magic" API? Many thanks in advance.🙏
  2. I know that say I have a repeater field engines, I can do foreach($page->engines) or $page->engine_field... but is there any way to do like foreach($page->engines as $e) { foreach($e->field as $field) { echo $field->val; } } That itself doesn't work. But is there some way of iterating through a repeater field's subfields? I'm trying to add repeater field support to Import Pages CSV module... If not I may just have to figure out how to write a separate module specifically for imports of a particular page template... if I can... I can try... Anybody know about this?
  3. How could we add a repeater-field to our module configuration pages? I tried to add it like any other input field, but no success! (Just as a sidenote: Unfortunately my php skills are really restricted) This is my current state, but it just throws an exception: Error: Exception: Unknown column 'field_title.count' in 'field list' (in wire\core\Database.php line 118) public static function getModuleConfigInputfields(array $data) { $data = array_merge(self::getDefaultData(), $data); $inputfields = new InputfieldWrapper(); ... $field = wire("fields")->get("title"); $field->type = $modules->get("FieldtypeRepeater"); $repeater = wire("modules")->get("InputfieldRepeater"); $repeater->name = "somethingUnique"; $repeater->add($field); $repeater->page = wire("page"); $inputfields->add($repeater); ... return $inputfields; } Any idea what I'm doing wrong, or how we could achive this?
  4. Hello, when I delete a page with repeater fields, the fields data stays in the DB. Is there a way to delete these or a way to find out which data in the "pages" table is from repeaters? I added and deleted about 4000 pages via a script and now my "pages" table is a mess ... Thanks, thomas
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