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Build Page Array for Predefined Tags of Images


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For a repeater field named "image_tags" in the "home" template, setting the tags list for an images field named "images"...

// Save repeater titles to images tags list
$pages->addHookAfter('saveReady', function(HookEvent $event) {
    $page = $event->arguments(0);
    // For the home template
    if($page->template == 'home') {
        // Get a string of tags from the repeater item titles
        $tags = $page->image_tags->implode(' ', 'title');
        // Get the images field
        $images_field = $this->fields->images;
        // Set the list of allowed tags
        $images_field->tagsList = $tags;
        // Save the field

The titles of the repeater items will need to abide by the rules for image tags, so no spaces allowed.


Tags may contain letters, digits, underscores or hyphens.


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