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single page per registered user

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Hi everyone,

I am new to processwire, but really  appreciate the way  its works. Thank you Ryan.

I need your help guys, any help would be  appreciated, as i am searching the forum since last 1 month. but couldn't found out how to achieve.

My issue is as my user registers on my website, it will be assigned a role. eg  Register

but what i want to achieve is that after login i want  user to have edit profile , logout and Add Page. But i want user to add only one time, only single page can be post by him.

if user adds the page, and login into  account it must show edit page.

Please help me guys.

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Welcome to the Forum!

I think these discussions should give you some hints where to get started:

This is just a quick and short sample. You will definitely need more to achieve what you need. It is because your requirements are unique in a sense that there is no out-of-a-box solution.


Hope this helps.

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