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HeadingsCase plugin for CKEditor

Robin S

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Headings Case

A plugin for CKEditor fields in ProcessWire CMS/CMF. Adds a toolbar button for changing the case of all headings or selected headings between sentence case and title case.

This is useful when you are copy/pasting text from a document that has been supplied with an inconsistent or incorrect system of capitalisation.


The plugin folder must be named "headingscase" – if needed, rename the folder to remove the "-master" suffix added by GitHub. Copy the "headingscase" folder to /site/modules/InputfieldCKEditor/plugins/

In the field settings for each CKEditor field that you want to activate the plugin for:

  • Check the "headingscase" checkbox at Input > Plugins > Extra Plugins
  • Add "HeadingsCase" at Input > CKEditor Settings > CKEditor Toolbar


To change the case of all headings, click the toolbar button with no text selected in CKEditor. The first click applies sentence case; the second click applies title case.

To change the case of a single heading, select all or part of the heading in CKEditor before clicking the toolbar button.


There can be situations where the results need manual correction: proper names, acronyms, etc.

Exceptions for small words

Certain short English prepositions and conjunctions (three letters or less) are excluded from capitalisation when title case is applied. Edit the exceptions array in the plugin source code if you want to customise this list of exceptions.



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