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Custom PHP code to populate select option values in admin

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Custom PHP code is available for use in PageReference field type. Is it possible to use custom php to generate the values for a Select Options FieldType?? 

What I'm to trying to achieve is to generate values for a options field from values for repeater in a grand parent's page (parent of parent page).

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7 minutes ago, Sérgio Jardim said:

Oh yeah! See:


That post was NOT for modifying the field options but to save an options selected in his form. Probably front-end stuff.

What I'm looking for is a solution to the backend to dynamically set/modify selectable options based on field values from grand-parent page.

I came across something close. https://github.com/BitPoet/FieldtypeDropdownDynamic

But it has not been updated for 2 years and my lack of ProcessWire knowledge is keeping me from updating it.

Coming from the WordPress world, PW is very different (in both good/bad ways). In WP we store custom field configurations in php, but here its stored in DB tables.

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Didn't have time to test either of these, but you should have a look here:


Maybe one of those does exactly what you want, or at least can be tweaked easily...

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@waheed, Repeater items are pages so what you want is a Page Reference field. Set the selectable pages to the value of the Repeater field (which is a PageArray).

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