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  1. I would love to see SQLite support in PW. It would allow me to make my PW dev environment portable. I use my perosnal laptop and work PC for development and carry projects in USB Disk. All of my Nodejs and python projects are portable because they all use portable database files (not the database server instance, the actual data files). I know MySQL allows to specify a --datadir when starting, but this is not very portable (at least not for me). I've tried containerizing php and mysql for PW developement, but didn't work out the way I wanted. It just doesn't allow me to get started immediately. If sqlite support is implemented we can use a lightweight portable db in development and migrate to MySQL in production.
  2. If there is anyone here willing to update https://github.com/BitPoet/FieldtypeDropdownDynamic , it will be of great help to me. Currently that module supports only single-select-dropdowns. I need support for single and multi select options (AsmSelect and checkboxes too)
  3. That post was NOT for modifying the field options but to save an options selected in his form. Probably front-end stuff. What I'm looking for is a solution to the backend to dynamically set/modify selectable options based on field values from grand-parent page. I came across something close. https://github.com/BitPoet/FieldtypeDropdownDynamic But it has not been updated for 2 years and my lack of ProcessWire knowledge is keeping me from updating it. Coming from the WordPress world, PW is very different (in both good/bad ways). In WP we store custom field configurations in php, but here its stored in DB tables.
  4. Custom PHP code is available for use in PageReference field type. Is it possible to use custom php to generate the values for a Select Options FieldType?? What I'm to trying to achieve is to generate values for a options field from values for repeater in a grand parent's page (parent of parent page).
  5. Thanks @fbg13. But won't this affect the title field of other pages as well. I think I'll go with hooks. It'll give me more control, I guess.
  6. Hi, Coming from a background of WP I'm very new to PW (this is my very first project), but so far it has been very easy to learn. Currently I'm developing an intranet webapp to my school. I would like the "school grades" to be added as pages without any field in it, except "title" and "name". I would like the "title" to hold only numbers (optionally min:1 & max:10) and non-repeating (pages with same title cannot be added). Is this possible to be done, if so how? (Pls, try not to guide me towards a premium module, we run on a small budget)
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