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  1. Hello, I've used this module and I obtain this error too: Error: Exception: Method TemplateFile::entityEncode does not exist or is not callable in this context (in /www/htdocs/staeding/processwire/wire/core/Wire.php line 320) If your are using the demo files as they were, there is an error on the file includes/contact-form.php Around the line 62, the follow line: echo $this->entityEncode($error, true); Must be: echo $field->entityEncode($error, true); The Method entityEncode belongs to the class InfputField an not to the class Template. It worked in PW 2.5.2. I hope it can be useful to someone. Best regards.
  2. Hi Soma, Than you for your answer. It works. I want to do it too much complicated. On the other hand: I didn't think it's a question for the Fombuilder support forum. From my point of view It's only a question of "Select an option of an InputfieldSelect depending on an URL parameter". If the field is in a fom or not is not relevant for this question. I do apologize if I'm mistaken. Thank you very much Raul
  3. Hi Adrian, Thank your for your answer. This would work if I would have made the formular. The contact- form has been made with Formbuilder. Also I don't care of building. I can use only Hooks to modify the results. The functionality : 1.- I have a page with a link (http://processwire/fompage?subject=contact 2.- I click the link and i get into the form page. 3.- On the form page I have a select with the options <option value="contact">Contact</option> <option value="press">Press</option> NOTE: This code is generated by Formbuilder 4.- When I come into the form page, I get the parameter "subject" and try to select te appropiate value of the select field. I this case I must select the first value. Sorry but I can't say more details because there aren't more details to say. Thank you in advance Raul
  4. Hello all, I have a contact-form with a select field as Subject. The select field is defined as: += subject1= THE FIRST Subject subject2= THE SECOND Subject Now I call the contact-fom from another page with a get parameter "subject" : http://processwiresite.com/contact/?subject="subject1" I have a Hook defined to process the form "onRender" and I have got the get parameter and sanitized it, etc. Now the question is: How can I select the option based on the get parameter ? Thank you in advance Raul
  5. Hi Apeisa, The only way I know is to have a PW2.2.9 and the last german language pack. Latera I have updated PW and all works correctly. About the errors, you are right. I'm always in debug mode and thereby I have seen this errors. Also, I'm sorry if i have confused someone. Thank you for your responses. Raul
  6. Hi Ryan, The message was: Warning: file_get_contents(/var/www/radeberger/wire/core/Password.php) [function.file-get-contents]: failed to open stream: File or directory doesn't exists in /var/www/radeberger/wire/modules/LanguageSupport/LanguageParser.php on line 125 I'm sorry. I have wrote this before the update to PW2.3. Now it's fixed. However I think always that the best is to stop the execution as soon as possible. Thereby: 1.- If a file doesn't exists, it is not necessary to call the parse function. It is not necessary to return an empty array too...Why? 2.- Calling a function suposes always resources to allocate. 3.- Moreover, a loop is executed altough an empty array is returned.. Why? Yes, the loop has few elements but it's a loop....it has always a cost. I don't want suppress errors. Error messages are good, but they can be logged instead of printed. You can print a message to advice about them if they have not solution or are important to the execution. In this case (parsing files) are the errors or warnings unnecessary, because they don't interrupt the execution and don't cause malfunction. They can be avoided easily and logged silently. For these reasons, It would be better to put the line before calling the funcion "parseFile". Thank you very much for your reply. Raul
  7. Hi , I have tested this modul, but it doesnt work if the textarea is into a repeater field. Is there some patch to apply for this?. Thank you in advance. Raul
  8. Hi all, Today I would want to translate my admin area into other language and I have downloaded the last language pack. But I don't have the last version of PW and thereby I don't have all files of the pack. What is the result: a lot of warnings because the parser try to parse non-existent files. A simple solution could be made in the file "LanguageParser.php" to the function: /** * Begin parsing * */ protected function execute($file) { if (!file_exists( $file )) return; <== this line avoid parsing non-existent files. Regards, Thanks Raul
  9. Hi diogo, Thank you for moving the post and for your answer :-D I have noticed it. The behaviour is now correct for me. I don't tought about the right behaviour of the editor. Thank you. Raul
  10. Hi, I've noticed that the TinyMCE editor makes a double line when I press the return key. Has anybody the same problem? In the editor of this forum the behaviour is right. What can I do to solve this problem? Thanks in advance Raul P.D: Sorry, I think hier is not the correct place to ask this.
  11. Hi diogo, Form builder uses this field too, but you can use this filed into a basic page. Also, it is not only about form builder but in general about Datetime Filed.
  12. Hello, I use the Datetime field in my current project. I have seen, if I select "no date/time picker", I obtain a standard HTML Inputfield. Is it possible to obtain a HTML5 Inputfield for date instead of a HTML? That is: I obtain <input type="text" instead of <input type="data" ... It would be usefull an option to select the output format in order to make native HTML5 pages. What code should I change to do it ? Thanks in advance. Raul
  13. Hi, I have used this Fieldtype but I have noticed a strange behaviour. Also. The field was used in a page and I have selected three values. They are saved correct. Now I delete two values and they are deleted and the page saved correctly. When I try to delete the last value and to save the page, the last value is not deleted. Where can be the reason? Is there any limitation with this module? Thanks in advance Raul
  14. Hi Ryan, Awesome!!!! It runs :-D I upload here the file to share it with all the people. Thank you very much. FieldtypeForm.zip
  15. Hello Ryan, Thank you for your response. I try to clarify. In processwire exists the "Page" field that allow to create a reference to a page. I need the same but the reference must be to a form. Why? In the admin area the editor can create forms (with Fombuilder) and these forms have various description fields. My idea was to create a template with this fields and one field "Forms" that references a form. Yes, I could create pages with the same form name and use the "embed" function of forms but the customer wants diferent names for forms and pages. Moreover the forms aren't created for the same person that creates the page, so this person doesn't know the form name. I have used the extension "FieldtypeTemplates" and I have change it to use it with multiple forms (FildtypeForms.module). It runs but i want select only one form. I have changed the inputfield from InputfieldAsmSelect to InputfieldSelect (FieldtypeForm.module) but the selected value ist not saved and I don't be sure why. I have uploaded the changed files and a file in PDF with the schema. I hope this can help to understand the situation. Thank you in advance. Raul FieldtypeForms.module FieldtypeForm.module forms_schema.pdf
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