Page referencefield - custom PHP code not working in repeater

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on a fresh 3.0.62 install I have a page reference field 'mypages' with these settings for selectable pages:


In my site/ready.php I have this hook:

 * custom page select
wire()->addHookAfter('InputfieldPage::getSelectablePages', function($event) {

  if($event->object->name != 'mypages') return;
  $pages = new PageArray();
  $ids = $pages->explode('id');
  $event->return = $event->pages->getById($ids);


On a normal page, the hook is working and the mypages field has only 'Home' in the select dropdown .

But when I put the mypages field inside a repeater, it is not working.

I have this problem on a project that is in development right now and have spent quite some time to try and find the reason. Then I made a fresh PW install to verify the behavior.
No matter if repeater dynamic loading is on or off, the page reference field always returns the  set of pages defined by the settings in the page reference field. The hook is ignored.

Can anyone please verify this and let me know so I can file a bug report. Also if you have an idea how to fix this, I would be happy.


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@Robin S thank you! I didn't find this in my search. Great that it is being taken care of :)

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      What I would hope would output in the HTML I've been building is something like:
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      I appreciate your time in taking a look at this!
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      Hey awesome PW-Community,
      I've some strange behaviour in my latest project and I don't know how to get on top of it:
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      I even checked the permissions of the repeater and assigned all permissions to the newly created role. There are also no error logs, even though it seems like the creation of a new repeater element fails.
      Thanks in advance for your help!