"Site in maintenance": how set it?

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PWaddict    84
47 minutes ago, franciccio-ITALIANO said:

I red that in processwire is simple set "Site in maintenance", but I don't remember how...

If you want to set maintenance mode only in database follow this guide otherwise for the entire site install the Page Protector module.

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pwired    953

Alternatively you can temporary upload your own personal index.html page with "site in maintenance"

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    • By ren
      Hi folks,
      My department is planning to move up to five of our employer's websites in-house and onto ProcessWire from a CMS which has not seen much development in the last few years. They're B2B magazine websites and we feel that ProcessWire would be a great fit. But there are concerns over support. I'm the only server side programmer, so what would happen were I to leave or be hit by the proverbial bus?
      So we're looking for some kind of insurance. Thinking along the lines of a support contract, covering maybe 2 hours of support time per month. With a commitment to become more involved should the need arise, so providing more support if needed to someone who takes over my role, or in the 'bus' type emergency, be willing to take over full support duties for a limited period of time.
      The 2 or so hours would be used for providing advice if I were to really get stuck. But I'm happy using the forums for help, and I've built a prototype of one of the sites without huge difficulty (go ProcessWire!), so under normal circumstances they probably won't be used.
      The five sites are all quite large (the prototype site has 40 templates and 95 fields), consisting of news sections, a jobs section, a business directory, reader polls and social media integration. Some of the sites allow membership for the business directory, so companies can login and manage their listing and upload press releases, via a custom dashboard (implemented as a Process module).
      All code will be commented and held in a git repo.
      We're located in the UK. Email support would be sufficient I think.
      If you're interested, please PM me with a rough estimate of costs for:
      The ~ 2 hours per month standard support. Full 'emergency' support of all 5 websites. Any one-off setup costs. And/or suggest an alternative pricing structure / proposal.
      Again at this stage we're just looking for a rough idea of costs and who would be available, so ballpark figures would be fine
      If you could also provide a link to your website please.
      Please let me know if you would like any further information.
    • By phil_s
      Hi folks,
      I have a PW site set up in the root of a domain, (reachable via, and, with an static index.html and respective directory index entry in .htaccess added (DirectoryIndex index.html index.php ), since the site is still in development.
      Now, suddenly, this is not working anymore, entering redirects to the root (and thus the .html), although I can still reach just fine!
      I had a look at the htaccess changes since I recently updated from 2.x to 3.0.6, including .htaccess, but there didn't seem to be any difference (not counting the added directory index entry of course) to the old, working htaccess.
      Can anybody share any clue on what might be off here?
      Cheers guys!