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xml error 500 ?


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13 minutes ago, arjen said:

$config->debug = true

Can it help in this case? 500 is an internal server error (provided it is what we are talking about) if I'm not mistaken , so it is probably a server setup issue I suppose, in which case I would start troubleshooting by looking at the Apache log file.

However, I have never used this script so I might be easily mistaken.

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It could be server issues, so looking at the logs is indeed logical. Also I've encountered 500 issues when the encoding isn't properly set. First thing I read: we need more info to help, therefore my question :)

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Ok so i tried to fix it by myself now i have this warning. 

Maybe for the info: Its a multisite installation with one core but different DB's and labguages. 
This is currently my code in the  sitemap.xml  template. 


<?php namespace ProcessWire;
 * ProcessWire Template to power a sitemap.xml 
 * 1. Copy this file to /site/templates/sitemap-xml.php
 * 2. Add the new template from the admin.
 *    Under the "URLs" section, set it to NOT use trailing slashes.
 * 3. Create a new page at the root level, use your sitemap-xml template
 *    and name the page "sitemap.xml".
 * Note: hidden pages (and their children) are excluded from the sitemap.
 * If you have hidden pages that you want to be included, you can do so 
 * by specifying the ID or path to them in an array sent to the
 * renderSiteMapXML() method at the bottom of this file. For instance:
 * echo renderSiteMapXML(array('/hidden/page/', '/another/hidden/page/')); 

function renderSitemapPage(Page $page) {

	return 	"\n<url>" . 
		"\n\t<loc>" . $page->httpUrl . "</loc>" . 
		"\n\t<lastmod>" . date("Y-m-d", $page->modified) . "</lastmod>" . 

function renderSitemapChildren(Page $page) { 

	$out = '';
	$newParents = new PageArray(); 
	$children = $page->children; 
	foreach($children as $child) {
		$out .= renderSitemapPage($child);
		if($child->numChildren) $newParents->add($child); 
			else $this->wire('pages')->uncache($child); 

	foreach($newParents as $newParent) {
		$out .= renderSitemapChildren($newParent); 

	return $out; 

function renderSitemapXML(array $paths = array()) {

	$out = 	'<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>' . "\n" . 
		'<urlset xmlns="http://www.sitemaps.org/schemas/sitemap/0.9">';

	array_unshift($paths, '/'); // prepend homepage

	foreach($paths as $path) {
		$page = $this->wire('pages')->get($path); 
		if(!$page->id) continue; 
		$out .= renderSitemapPage($page);
		if($page->numChildren) $out .= renderSitemapChildren($page);

	$out .= "\n</urlset>";

	return $out; 

if ($pages->get("1042")->sitemaps != " ") {
    $ausgabe =  renderSitemapXML(array(
  //  $ps = $pages->get("1042")->sitemaps;
  // foreach ($ps as $p) {
  // 	echo "$p->path";
  // }
   // 	'/hidden/page/'

	$ausgabe =  renderSitemapXML();

// echo renderSitemapXML();
// Example: echo renderSitemapXML(array('/hidden/page/')); 

header("Content-Type: text/xml");
echo $ausgabe;



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So there are happens strange things. 

I have one core with different languages on pw 3+ e.g.  


now i have taken the original code from ryan. Searching for one month for the error. 
The only thing i had to do is to "disable automatic prepand of _init.php" in the template settings :) 

awww maybe its a good advice for somebody. but peaople thanks for your help 


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