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Is there a point in using processwire 3?


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2 hours ago, desbest said:

Is there a point in using processwire 3 if most of the modules are not compatible with it, and only with 2.7?

Simply said: YES!

There are more then one, but ...

The biggest point is, that you don't need any module to run complex sites and very complex sites with PW. PW at first is a framework, and then a CMS on top of that framework. I can put all my application logic into template files and the site/init.php, site/ready.php and site/finish.php via hooks. No need for modules at first place.

So, in a second place, modules also can be very valuable. We have some of them in the directory. :)

And of course, PW 3 should be able to run with most of them, at least if there is stated that they are compatible with PW 2.7.

As a side information: The modules do not belong to the PW core. Most of them, (if not all minus ryans personal modules) are from "third party" authors. So, as of now, PW 3 is DEV-branch, and most of the modules authors simply haven't updated their module directory entries. But this is not that relevant. If you are interested in using a module with a PW version that is not listed there, you can ask in the dedicated support forum thread of that module. Here you normally will get fast answeres, I believe.

But now to the biggest second point, why it is useful to use PW 3, when most of the modules in the directory stated as not compatible with it:


PW3 has a file compiler for template files and modules, that in 99% of the PW 2.7 modules simply make them compatible with PW3. Nice eh?

(And if you are unsure, ask in the dedicated support forum thread)

Thank you for reading and enjoy PW3, (or what ever you like)! :)

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As horst explained a lot (most?) of modules will work just fine on, even if compatibility is not yet explicitly listed. But most of all: a lot of new stuff and upgrades have gone into PW3, starting from https://processwire.com/blog/posts/processwire-2.6.20-and-surprise-processwire-3.0-alpha-1/ and basically every following blog post.

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I see pw 3.x more as turbo powered compared with the 2.7.x and 2.8.x power. I am glad that Ryan decided to go on with 2.8.x "as it is" because compared with other systems out there it has already all it needs for building web sites. More than 3.x for the moment it is important to learn css frameworks and styled layouts to make more impressive web sites.

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20 hours ago, pwired said:

I see pw 3.x more as turbo powered compared with the 2.7.x and 2.8.x power. 

Actually the functionality of 3 and 2.8 is identical other than the fact that 3 uses namespaces. 

To quote Ryan:


The version of ProcessWire that we'd link to from our Download page (and anywhere else) would be the 3.x version. The 2.8 version is more focused on being an upgrade for existing installations.


Everyone should have a thorough read through this post:


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