Password reset link is localhost

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If anyone can help with this that would be great.

The password reset link is localhost? but i'm viewing the site from it's live url.

Thanks, Jason

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Is the $config->httpHosts array correct? If not then processwire will internally rewrite the domain name to something whitelisted.

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I checked the $config->httpHosts array and the correct addresses were listed in there.

As a fix i've added $config->httpHost (singular) with the live address. But unfortunately this then makes working on localhost a bit of a pain.

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    • By modifiedcontent
      I have a simple front-end password update form like this:
      In the browser the label of the second field shows up as follows:
      I can't figure out what is changing the label, what is inserting /processwire/ and reformatting the thing. Is this something in PW? A "helpful" thing that browsers do?
      The problem disappears if I simply rename the second field to 'Confirm Password'.
      So my problem is solved, but I'll leave this here in case this is some kind of bug.
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      HELLO! I'm sending out quite a few (maybe 500 a day) emails from a site using WireMail. I get quite a few bounces and I'm not really sure how to handle this as i'm starting to worry abou my emailing reputation. Any thoughts?
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      How do you get the same 'set password' form/input fields on the front-end as in the admin area?
      I have a working front-end version, but the admin version has some nifty stuff around it. Should be easy to get the same on the front-end, right?
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      Is there a built-in way in PW to do email confirmation/validation?
      Someone signs up or does something with an email address; the system sends an email with a confirmation link to make sure the user actually owns the address.
      pwFoo and justb3a both use a double opt-in (?) confirmation link in their modules, but I think they use different methods? I can't figure out how they do it. Is there a recommended way? A quick, easy way?
      I am looking into how to put this together. I would need tables in the database for a validation code, generated at signup, and a true/false for account activation. Those would be two fields in the signup template/page, correct?
      But they would have to be added to the "user template"? Confused... I thnk this post explains it.
      Ryan in that thread also points to a built-in PW way to generate a validation code.
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      Hi Guys
      I needed a Link Checker to find broken links on my processwire websites. So I searched and came across this tool called Integrity. I've tested a little bit und must say it is a very good piece of software.
      fast and free Nice clear UI Only available for Mac OS There is also an alternative mentioned on the Integrity Website for Windows User called  Xenu's Link Sleut.
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      Greetings Orkun