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Hi All,

I just launched my very first website (and Processwire site), Westchester Vocal. It's a site I made for my mom, whose a voice teacher. Some of the images still have to be updated (need to cycle out a stock photo for a portrait shot as soon as I can track the guy down). I'm also going to be adding some more pages, but the basic structure is there.

I used formbuilder for the contact form.

Any feedback/comments appreciated!


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The site is clean, looks good, and loads quickly. I would add the bio info for the instructors, and add a detailed description of the voice and piano instruction for programs so that the prospect/student can see that the offerings meet their interests. I know you said you are adding pages in the future -- Just wanted to offer a couple of notes for those pages. Nice work!

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Nice website!

I've just noticed that there is a horizontal rule appearing at 980px (confirmed by width: 900px; for #wrapper) and less.

It seems you can change this with, for example, at least max-width: 900px; for .footer_small (instead of width: 900px).

There will still be some few "breakpoints" where it appears, but it seems it is only the case on/in very small ranges.

I've just tested in Firefox quickly.

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