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    The Berlin-based bicycle enthusiasts at BICICLI are set to influence the future of urban mobility – a future with fewer cars and a renaissance of bikes. Building on their long-time expertise in both the academic and the cycling world, they develop new mobility concepts for small to large-scale companies.

    Made by: Nils Wiere Categories: Transportation, Health and Fitness Date Added: 2017/08/18

  • Superbude Hamburg
    Superbude Hamburg

    We chose your open source cms Processwire, because of his excellent architecture, modular extensibility and the internal API. The cms offers the necessary flexibility and performance for such a complex website like superbude.de. Processwire offers options that are only available for larger systems, such as Drupal, and allows a much slimmer development process. The ProCache module is being use, which provides pages for non-logged users completely statically - well adapted for the page performance.

    Made by: xport communication GmbH Categories: Travel and Vacation, Hotel, Multi-language, Responsive Design Date Added: 2017/08/11

  • acniti: ultrafine bubble technology supplier.
    acniti: ultrafine bubble technology supplier.

    acniti is specialized in the sales and marketing of ultrafine bubble and nanobubble technology, to accelerate growth. Bubble technology is the next revolution in water and liquids to change their properties by dissolving gases to enhance biological processes, to innovate cleaning and disinfection in a wide range of applications.

    Made by: Erik van Berkum Categories: Science and Technology Date Added: 2017/08/11

  • hrdiamonds.com - HR company based in Vienna, Austria
    hrdiamonds.com - HR company based in Vienna, Austria

    I built this website for my client hrdiamonds.com - a great HR company based in Vienna, Austria. They were totally unhappy with the result of the former agency so it was easier to rebuild the website from scratch than adopting the old CMS (that was actually only 2 years young!)…

    Made by: Bernhard Baumrock, baumrock.com Categories: Corporate Date Added: 2017/08/11

  • Folkestone Fringe
    Folkestone Fringe

    An events website for the Folkestone Fringe - a local events organiser in Folkestone, United Kingdom.

    Made by: PROGRESS Categories: Events Date Added: 2017/08/11

  • The Moment Hotel
    The Moment Hotel

    We’re passionate about creating epic websites to help you win more customers and Processwire was the solution because of its flexibility. We’re not satisfied with “good enough” and your website is never finished and needs TLC there is always improvements to be made.

    Made by: Zambezi Marketing, LLC Categories: Travel and Vacation Date Added: 2017/07/28

  • University of Sioux Falls SculptureWalk
    University of Sioux Falls SculptureWalk

    The University of Sioux Falls campus in Sioux Falls, South Dakota U.S.A. is home to a rotational sculpture display. The site is simple, responsive, and data-driven using ProcessWire basics showing permanent and past sculptures.

    Made by: University of Sioux Falls Categories: Arts, Education, Portfolio, Responsive Design Date Added: 2017/07/28

  • House Construction Company
    House Construction Company

    My client a construction company based in Lithuania. With special needs, content delivered using ProcessWire. Theme used green.

    Made by: J.B. Categories: Construction Date Added: 2017/07/28

  • Ad&Art Video Production Agency
    Ad&Art Video Production Agency

    My second website this year with ProcessWire. My clients is a Video Production Agency with special needs. Used Bootstrap, RevealJS and AnimateCSS for fancy effects.

    Made by: J.B. Categories: Business to Business, Corporate, Portfolio, Responsive Design Date Added: 2017/07/28

  • Chrysemys

    A dutch website about different turtle species with detailed species information, locatation details (google maps), caresheets, recomended food, blog, recomended reading and much more.

    Made by: Sanne de Jong - Webhoes Categories: Education Date Added: 2017/07/28