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  1. Well as I said, I also avoided Win8 like the plague for years because of Metro, but once you hide it, you are left with an optimized Win7. Hmm, I still have access to the BIOS !? You just have to partition your drive *before* installing W8 and tell it to install in the partition of your choice. If you use W8 installer to do the partition, it will create that extra partition. But even with that partition I'm almost certain that the BIOS is still accessible ?
  2. Yeah, but fullscreen Metro only. I used to play it while watching Youtube videos on the side
  3. How does it compare to others ? I'm using AOMEI Backupper, it allows me to do a system backup or restore turning a 10-12GB partition into a 7GB backup with light compression in less than 1min on my SSD. I'm now running a Zotac EI730, super fast, super silent, super hidden behind my main screen thanks to the Vesa mount
  4. I hung for long to Win7 but recently had to switch to Win8 for a very stupid reason - VirtualBox latest versions refuse to run on Windows with patched uxtheme.dll - after refusing to do it for years. Well I have to say that once you get rid of all the Metro stuff, Win8 is just like Win7 but faster. No need to pay for Start8, get Classic Shell for free. It even takes less space on the drive, my system backup is 6.4GB with all my required apps under Win8.1 vs 7.2GB under Win7. I only miss the startup sound and MineSweeper game :-p
  5. Like this ? <section> <ul> <?php $blogpages = $pages->get("/blog/"); $children = $blogpages->children; $children->prepend($blogpages); $i = 0; foreach($children as $child) { // my function to print even or odd for alternating CSS classes echo "<li>"; echo "<h3>{$child->title}</h3> \n"; // echo doAlt($i).$i; // Insert your class here using doAlt echo "{$child->snippet} \n"; echo "</li> \n"; $i++; } ?> </ul> </section>
  6. I'm no expert but isn't it also possible to do it with CSS selector nth-child ?
  7. There is a "LAN Sync" option in Dropbox !
  8. Hi Luis, I'm very interested in seeing how you build a webapp with PW, would it be possible for you to send me your site profile too ? Thanks in advance.
  9. I don't know what your $url is but after you create the *first* page, that test: if(!$page->id) will always return false so the code below won't execute.
  10. Hmm, I like it a lot too - it replaced Notepad++ which I keep just in case... - but it is very slow at loading big files (from a few MB)...
  11. jbroussia

    FYI :-)

    I've been wondering the same since I discovered PW. Ryan is a coding machine.
  12. jbroussia


    Responsive ? Nice ! What is the framework behind ?
  13. On a "technical" forum where we are supposed to post code relatively often, I think that image smileys should be disabled. Except from that, I really like these forums, the preview function is very nice.
  14. I think it was 1999. Then as we reached 2000 and nothing happened, someone did the calculation again and found it really was 2012. But in case we reach 2013 safe, they are already working on refining their parameters to get a new estimation ASAP.
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