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  1. Sorry Pete, the issue persist.
  2. Great idea, Pete! Unfortunately i get: Unable to complete this request due to an error. Error has been logged. When creating a profile.
  3. Hi Peter! The pages tree in the admin becomes paginated after 50 pages or more unless you change the default setting. You can also use the lister to search/filter pages on template/parent/what ever. On the front end it's entirely up to you how you would like to display the pages/list of pages. EDIT: I see you changed your question, so this answer might seem a bit off topic.
  4. Check out Ryans answer beginning with Actually, you can do this (on mobile so i can't see the post id): https://processwire.com/talk/topic/4323-field-dependencies/page-6
  5. Welcome to the forums! The child pages becomes paginated. Default is 50 pages before pagination. You can change it under Modules Page List.
  6. Hera are two links via sidebar: https://cdnify.com/discover/web-performance-guide http://www.luster.io/blog/9-29-14-mobile-web-checklist.html
  7. Try changing the collation in PHPMyAdmin for the fields you wan't to search (or all for that matter). SO link
  8. Textpattern has a nice plugin based on this code. Would love to see the same functionality in PW. I tried to make this in to a PW module but didn't come far.
  9. Very nice! Perhaps some easing on the logo animation: .header__logo.header__logo--desktop {display: none;transition: all ease-in-out .3s;}
  10. I never encountered this problem with FormBuilder. Does the characters work when sending mails not using FormBuilder? Could be mail client not encoding the mail properly.
  11. Missing slash? mysite.com/myurlsegment/
  12. Comments moderated in the comments manager seems to be changing status from approved to awaiting moderation when saving pages. Opened issue on Github.
  13. I wanted to try and create a module, but of course one could use AdminCustomFiles instead. Thanks for creating it btw, learned a lot from it.
  14. The module adds fastclick.js and TouchPunch to the admin. Fastclick makes clicks on touch devices faster. Touch Punch adds drag and drop ability for jqueryUI on touch devices. https://github.com/madebymats/Admintouch
  15. I'm trying to add a couple of files to make the admin a bit more touch friendly but i can't figure out how to add javascript files to all admin pages. Would be nice to wrap it up in a module instead of hard coding it in to every site i build. /Mats
  16. I'm using simplecart.js with PW for this site: http://stellankramer.se/produkter/starkare-drycker/loch-lomond-highland-single-malt/ Really easy to set up. Don't know how secure the checkout is. Only using it for sending the customer to Systembolaget.
  17. <?php foreach($page->maps_left as $maps_left){ echo "<div class='location_box {$maps_left->left_or_right}'>"; echo "<h1>$maps_left->map_left_title</h1>"; echo "<p>{$maps_left->google_maps_left}</p><hr>"; echo $map->render($maps_left, 'google_maps_left'); echo "</div>"; } ?> Try changing map to google_maps_left.
  18. Did you check the console if there are any javascript errors? Do you have a width and height for the smaller maps div?
  19. Hi! I think you should use the role id instead of name.
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