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  1. Fresh install of PW 3.0.62, I'm getting this error when installing the latest version of Recurme: Fatal error: Allowed memory size of 134217728 bytes exhausted (tried to allocate 262144 bytes) in /var/sites/t/X/public_html/wire/core/Modules.php on line 3921 Fatal error: Allowed memory size of 134217728 bytes exhausted (tried to allocate 262144 bytes) in Unknown on line 0 Never seen this before and I'm a bit stumped... Any ideas? Edit: Increased memory limit with ini_set on the module to see where this goes and got a 30s execution time error. Can't figure this one out, there must be a loop somewhere as increasing that came back to a 800MB memory limit! Edit 2: Solved! I'll send you an e-mail with details.
  2. Thanks for the update @joshuag, great to see Recurme continue being updated. I haven't had opportunity to update my current installs yet, but have a new project Recurme would be ideal for.
  3. Hi all. I'm assuming there's been some change over at MailGun over the past few days as this great module has stopped working on most sites that use it. I'm getting this error in the PW MailGun logs: cURL Error: SSL certificate problem: unable to get local issuer certificate It seems to be fairly common over the past couple of days on the MailGun-PHP github. Has anyone else had this issue?
  4. Thanks, makes complete sense. The issue I had was with a particular date outputting as AM when it was actually saved as PM so appearing before all other results. The module is fantastic, but I'm having a consistent issue where if I enter and save a recurme field in a page it displays fine, but when I go back to edit another field on the page and save, it will begin outputting the time as AM when it was selected as PM. Going back in and altering the date fixes this until I alter another field again.
  5. Is it possible to run a 'sort' selector on $recurme->find()? When I attempt to sort by a particular field, only a single result is output. I can reverse the sort and it will output the opposite result so the sort works, but I get only one result.
  6. Thanks for your solution, I've used your code and learned a bit about urlSegments in the process. One question though. In testing, I created an article and set my date field to 2018, but it does not generate a list item as it does for the current and previous years. Is there an obvious reason for this I'm not seeing?
  7. Hi Marcus, I had no other non-core modules installed at the time, it was the lack of SessionHandlerDB being activated on the basic profile that caused me issues. It's working beautifully now! However, my next step is implementing this as an option within each item of a selector list!
  8. edit: The reason I was getting no ouput was that I didn't have SessionHandlerDB installed. Probably a rookie mistake, but I'd started implementing this module for testing as admin before I added front end login/registration functionality. Thanks for your help with this great module, I can see many uses for it. Do you have a BTC address so I can make a donation for your work?
  9. Apologies for the typo Marcus, I actually meant renderLink() will not ouput the link to add the page as a flag.
  10. Hi Marcus, Thanks for the response, I really appreciate it. I've installed the latest version but having the same issue, my PW install is 3.0.42 Master, PHP version 7.0. If I remove the FlagPages user permissions in the module settings, on the frontend I do get the 'You need to grant flagging permissions first!' output. When I apply the permission for superuser, $flags->renderList(); outputs blank.
  11. It's a long shot, but has anyone managed to get this work on 3.0? I've tested both this and the Page Bookmarks module (changing selectors to PageCollections thinking it was just a conflict since the PW core bookmark features were added) and haven't had any luck. I'm able to select roles with flagging permissions, however the Add/Remove flag render link doesn't display. Any advice would be appreciated!
  12. Would it be possible for someone to bundle up the skyscrapers 2 profile with relevant install/modules? I'm brand new to ProcessWire and I've made a couple of attempts without luck. It'd be great to test out the new site and hopefully learn something whilst breaking it! Thanks.