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  1. Not fully, i implemented a checkbox for marking one-time events or recurring. But not yet support for really recurring events. I'll post it to the forums when it's ready.
  2. That sounds fine, no problem if it takes some time. Maybe i could lend you a hand in implementing this?
  3. yes, something like this, that the same product can have a different price depending on the specific product properties. Do you think about implementing it or is it our of your scope?
  4. Luis, the app looks really great! Is it possible to add parameters to the product which are influencing the price? This could be the size/area of some products (e.g. craftsman) or i'm specifically thinking about the german Steuerberatergebührenverordnung, which needs a difficulty level (from 1 to 20) and a value (income or profit in Euro), whereof a table is used to calculate the charge. If it is not yet possible, can i develop it myself? You could be using the code afterwards yourself.
  5. Hello Georgson, looks really great, very fast, displays nearly immediately on my asus transformer pad. i also like the professional clean look and the right sidebar with navigation and summary. could you tell us how you did all in processwire? one thing i noticed: the shadow right to the main navigation is too high when the main is too small.
  6. I think panictree is absolutely right here. So for internationalization of processwire and community this could be the way to go: Having the main site processwire.com holding all informations in english Subdomains for languages containing the main site translated and adopted to local requirements therefore a language coordinator should be announced (or a group of users) which maintain translations and handles language-specific things forum in english, but it should be possible for non-english-speaking users to post messages, which then might be translated by the language coordinator pideluxe
  7. I think a file or image manager is great for editors with limited technical background. Often users ask how to insert an image in tinymce, but being able to change it easily after that. Or they want to able to modify uploaded on the server, e.g. cropping, changing size or alter colors. Or the graphic designer has designed different versions of the image and the editor should be able to easily choose the one which looks best for him. So i think, the aspects of an image source page or library manager should be: Show users the uploaded content Uploading new content Searching that content in different ways (e.g. categories, pages they are used on, size, orientation,...) Categorize (page tree, see below) and add meta information to content (tags, description, author, copytight notices, ...) Alter content (cropping, size, color), integrating an Photoshop-like online-tool Easily insert content into WYSIWYG-editors and file-inputfields The user should be able to use the same UI as with pages to browse for content, maybe this can be achieved by a system page like the admin pages, so it doesn't clutter the normal page tree. Content could be organized by content-related sorting structures for easier finding the right content. As Pete mentioned, there should also be a option to sort it by template-usage or page-usage, but this should be done ajaxified and in an overlay as an extra option for searching by different criteria. I think this would open up the field for new, less-techy users. The easier it gets, the more users are attracted by it. pideluxe
  8. I would vote for a group named "Helpers" for such modules, that provide functions that may be used by other modules or provide API-additions.
  9. For styling your data-pages, you could add a specific class to your body-tag depending on template or status like this: <body class="template-<?php echo $page->template;?>">
  10. Hello Luis, i would also like to test your suite. i'm from germany and work for a tax consultant, so i could test the consistency regarding german laws. could you put the site profile on github or anything else, so that everyone could look into it? what is your desired audience? small businesses working as free lancer? pideluxe
  11. Thanks guys for your reasonable suggestions. It seems no one has a solution out of the box for this, so i'll have to try it myself. I think I will use a combination of apeisas idea with child pages, incorporating with bens suggestion of using PHP When for generating tbe child pages. I will post the results here when I'm finished.
  12. Another nice system i used for some projects is the Contao-CMS (fka TypoLight). It uses a hierachical approach like Processwire and has some nice modules already built in core. Theses include a newsletter, a calendar, asset-managment, a form generator and a theme-manager. You can even built new themes by scratch and editing CSS-rules in the web-backend. It has a built-in html-css-framework, which you can use, but aren't bound to. There are many extension available ranging from integrating videos to full-featured shop-systems. The extensions can be installed via the web-backend directly. Content is organized in pages, each page can have several columns and each column can hold several parts of content which can be of different types. E.g. you have the bodycopy in the main column and the output of the news-module and the latest comments in the sidebar-column. This can be changed per page or per template. You can change the output of the content by editing so called templates for each piece of content. You can have several different templates for one content-type, e.g. you can have one template which outputs only the headlines of the latest news and another which shows the full news.
  13. I'm building a site with processwire for a sports club. I want to include a basic event calendar for special events and training hours of the teams. As the training hours are repeating, i need some support for recurring events. This could be very basic, e.g. events every week or every month on a given weekday, no exceptions should be taken in consideration. The events should also be able to be categorized. A list of the next events or a calendar view should be possible to show all events including the recurring ones. I know, there is Google Calendar loader, but i want the editors to be able to edit all things in PW, not to have edit calendar events somewhere else. What do you guys think is the best implementation for this setup in PW? Do you have already tried this or made experiences with a similar setup?
  14. To show off another project with inline-editing, you can have a look at the gpEasy CMS (www.gpeasy.com). It is a file-based CMS with true WYSIWYG based on the CKEditor. You also get a page manager, asset managment and drag'n'drop rearrangement of layout elements. You can assign different Templates to pages, the menus can be auto-generated. The administration is made available via sidebar similar to the admin bar from apeisa. It is NOT a CMS for complex websites, it is fast solution for getting simple websites done with very easy administration, even for the usual client. I used it once for this website: Beautynova. I know, gpEasy is not comparable to ProcessWire in complexity, expandability or adaptability, but i think, some ideas or concepts can be used for PW to accomplish a better editor experience where it fits into PW.
  15. Count me in for contributing to the manual.
  16. Would it not be better to integrate the manual in the backend in an pw-installation? So the editor could be informed when using the backend, maybe also with contextual help. Why not use processwire itself for the manual? If wiki-style-linking is desired, a textformatter could be used to achieve this.
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