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  1. What would be awesome is if Form Builder had built-in support for creating Edit and Create ProcessWire page forms that mirrored the back-end forms. I haven't used the module in some time and am getting ready to use it for a new site, but as I understand it: you create fields that are independent of ones already present in back-end forms. The holy grail would be to spit out front-end forms that match the back-end forms exactly. And/or these features: 1) Restrictions on who has access based on member/permissions level. 2) An option to lock down editing of a form to the user that the form data belongs to. 3) Ability—when not exactly mirroring a back-end form—to designate which ProcessWire page should populate a given field. Then have the form update or create those Processwire pages upon submission of the entire form. I know this is crazy stuff I'm rambling about here, but something along these lines just exponentially opens up a whole new world to non-developers. We could create sophisticated apps in much the same manner as we already can on the back-end. Being able to update not just one page, but multiple instances throughout ProcessWire would be mind-blowing.
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