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  1. Does your .htaccess code allow whatever is outside of the PW folder to exist without touching PW? I have a small site that’s already built and its static. I want visits to continue to those pages. But I’d like to use FormBuilder for questionnaires but I want those to live _just_ within the PW directory. I would install PW in a subdirectory of public_html. This code seems to imply if it’s not a request to my PW subfolder, that the visits will continue on as if PW didn't exist? RewriteCond %{REQUEST_URI} !^/yoursubfolder/
  2. This is amazing. Excuse me for not reading thoroughly but does this allow building on-the-fly pages from PW fields? If so, the layout functionality is basically for creating the initial page structure as well as one-up pages?
  3. Whoa! Then I have to look into this. Thank you! FYI: That restaurant site is nice.
  4. @adrian Amazing. That worked perfectly. The fields were selectable and I was able to update my entries as a result. Thanks much!
  5. I’ve got a request. I love this module and use it a few times a week. The problem I just encountered is that fields that are Floats cannot be selected and updated via the “Field Set or Search and Replace” option. I’d love to see Floats added.
  6. Hmm. I remember reading that post and thinking that it only applied to seeing side-by-side (editing vs page live updates). I was referring to mostly to front-end content blocks that would change based on updates on the back. Maybe this could be used that way? And sorry for the late reply, I need to set up notifications.
  7. I know this may not be true to keeping PW lean, but having HTMX integration built in for live updates to content blocks would seriously kick butt. Sort of comparable to Livewire in Laravel. That would be incredible for 4.0.
  8. @Robin S thank you highly. I learned so much from this. So wonderful and practical.
  9. As of today, yes! Your prayers were answered today 😂
  10. @ryan does Horst’s commit fix the problem of image uploads that are rotated 180 degrees when saved to a page? From what I can remember in my mini app, even the thumbnail preview when using the file upload field flips images upside down. Which isn’t a deal breaker but still. I end up doing an image rotation on the front-end so the image is showed right-side up.
  11. @horst Thank you. I think Curl may do the trick. This will give me something to learn.
  12. I meant uploading a file from my PW page to a remote server. It has to be part of my app and not something done via an FTP client (in my case Transmit on macOS). Also, file permissions and such I don't have to set. I already have access and permissions based on my login credentials to the remove server.
  13. Hey everyone. This community has been of help and I need a little direction. I’m in need of uploading files to a remote FTP server (not at my hosting company). I have to use SFTP and not standard FTP. Can anyone point me in a direction on how to do that within a PW page/app? I have the credentials along with a port number. I’m assuming PW doesn’t have built-in code to facilitate this, correct? So doing research, I found this package: https://phpseclib.com/docs/sftp Assuming I have to use this package, seeing I’m a designer (not developer), could I download the package and simply install it somewhere within PW’s directory structure and then call it from my page? If so, where would I place it? And then once placed, would I call it at the top of my page like so?… use phpseclib3\Net\SFTP; $sftp = new SFTP('localhost'); $sftp->login('username', 'password');
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