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  1. You always get normal delayed output out of the box, even if $config->useMarkupRegions is set to true by default. Markup Regions is never enforced, and even though it is turned on by default it just sits there to be used. If you do not need it, you can disable it for performance reasons, of course.
  2. Also, anyone in need for a fix for this, please give a thumbs-up at the GitHub issue so that Ryan can see how "popular" (or rather: unpopular) this issue is.
  3. I also wanted to do this and was surprised that this is not possible so I had to code around this.
  4. It looks to me that the post above was generated by ChatGPT. It begins with "In ProcessWire,..." and ends in "Keep in mind that...". I doubt that copy/pasting ChatGPT results is a good way of discussion.
  5. Maybe it's a limitation and not a bug. ProcessUser is for the admin where PW lets the current user with correct permissions edit users. However, on the frontend, users get "more protection".
  6. @Pip Could you please put your very long code blocks into spoiler blocks this rich text editor provides? (Just use the eye icon in the toolbar.) Topics like this with extremely long code blocks are pretty hard to digest. Thanks in advance.
  7. Hello, Please note: Also, CKE is going to be retired in the not so distant future, TinyMCE is taking its place. Back then, tpr put countles hours of work into AOS. I can be wrong, but I'd bet he can no longer support it due to lack of free time, especially anything CKE related.
  8. @Macrura There is a console.log($(this)); left in simplemde_init.js: https://github.com/outflux3/FieldDescriptionsExtended/blob/f550084f25ea32cecfe0b9879bf46bc23b3b03ac/simplemde_init.js#L12 Next time you update the module, could you please comment it out? Pretty useful module, BTW. Thanks for sharing!
  9. Hello, Probably, it is the find() or a "similar method" (which also begins with the word find) is the one which you should use, not get(), see: https://processwire.com/api/ref/pages/ $pages->get() : Returns the first page matching the given selector with no exclusions. Meaning with get() you get one page only without checking any kind of status nor access control.
  10. Thanks Adrian! I simply postponed upgrading the module. Next time I work on that site, I will surely try to upgrade it base on the info you provided above.
  11. Quite agree! Personally I never implement anything relying on CDN because of the possible issues with external dependencies.
  12. I quite understand it, so please simply forget my question if such a task would add any considerable amount of time to the maintenance of the module. I just saw that in your Admin Actions module the Ace editor files add up to only about 1MB, and I simply use Ace in these modules the way they are configured by default, and I will highly probably never be interested in more than that. So to me, what is not used is just "ballast". Looks like the distribution directory of this editor is about the same size as Ace's (maybe even a bit bigger) and if so, it might not be an answer to the "issue". Also, (quote) "The Monaco editor is not supported in mobile browsers or mobile web frameworks." which is not an issue to me as I never use the ProcessWire admin on a mobile, so I do not even know if Ace supports that or not.
  13. Hi, You could hook after "InputfieldText::processInput". That way you can also check for the uniquness of the name/title if you need to, and add your error messages as needed. Here is a similar hook I use in a project: <?php namespace ProcessWire; wire()->addHookAfter("InputfieldText::processInput", function ($event) { /* @var $page AddonPage */ $field = $event->object; if ($field->name == "suffix") { $page = modules()->ProcessPageEdit->getPage(); if ($page->template != "addon") return; //The final title and name is based on the fields: addon_addon + suffix (both are text fields) $suffix = $field->value; $suffixFormatted = " (" . $field->value . ")"; $addon = session()->get('addon_addon'); session()->remove('addon_addon'); $titleNew = empty($suffix) ? $addon : $addon . $suffixFormatted; $nameNew = wire()->sanitizer->pageName($titleNew, true); $uniqueName = pages()->names()->uniquePageName($nameNew, $page); $titleSelector = wire()->sanitizer->selectorValue($titleNew); $existingPage = wire()->pages->get("template=addon, title={$titleSelector}"); $hasErrors = empty($addon); if ($existingPage->id == $page->id && !$hasErrors) { //bd("Page name has not changed, he have no errors, so no need to proceed..."); return; } if ($existingPage->id != 0 || $hasErrors) { //bd("We had errors, we need to clean things up..."); $titleUntitled = "addon-" . date("YmdHis"); $nameUntitled = wire()->sanitizer->pageName($titleUntitled, true); $uniqueNameUntitled = pages()->names()->uniquePageName($nameUntitled, $page); $page->name = $uniqueNameUntitled; $page->title = $titleUntitled; $page->addon = $addon; if ($hasErrors) { session()->error("Errors listed below must be fixed for this add-on to be saved properly!"); } else { session()->error("Title is already in use by an existing one (ID '{$existingPage->id}'). Either change the Label and/or add a unique suffix!"); } } else { //bd("No errors, We can save provided values..."); $page->title = $titleNew; $page->name = $uniqueName; } } }); Note that the admin "new page creation process" skips the step asking for the title in the first place, so I had to handle the case of blank values as well when the user abandons the complete process of creating a page with the required text fields being filled in and saved.
  14. Happy new year to all! @adrian My question is in the title :) The ace-editor folder is ~11.7MB with ~444 files, along with snippets, themes and such. Personally, I do not think I/we need them all. Would it be possible to make it a lot slimmer somehow? cheers, Szabesz
  15. Your list is exactly what I wish for as well, I have nothing to add. I gave it a thumbs-up. Ryan's time to work on ProcessWire is limited and being the only one to stear the boat, naturally, he needs to prioritize. I think the most important issue with implementing and maintaining migrations is that it is a HUGE effort, and Ryan would need to add support for his Pro modules as well. Again, he only has 24 hours a day. I cannot even imagine who would have the time to rewrite the admin theme from scratch. However, if Ryan ever wants to move it forward to the next level, he needs to move his mindset to the reactive era, probably HTMX + Alpine.js. If we drop support for the others, people would surely use AdminThemeUikit :P
  16. I'm in! Maintaining AOS would be just too much work for even the most experienced, I think, so no wonder @tpr is no longer interested in it, especially that he no longer uses ProcessWire. Also, AOS mostly supports the Default or Reno admin themes which we should deprecate, IMHO.
  17. Still implementing pages is essential, I think. Thanks for the addition.
  18. Thanx @gebeer for sharing! As a side note, anyone implementing infinite scroll, be aware that a simple and basic implementation can lead to very bad UX, see for example: https://builtin.com/ux-design/infinite-scroll So it is a lot of work to implement it from scratch if one wants to provide something that is not pita for the user.
  19. It is surely not "actively" maintained. The question is, will it ever be maintained at all?
  20. That's an interesting idea indeed. I'm not sure how that could be implemented in practice but the possibility to switch compatible Inpufileds on the fly sounds powerful enough on its own. Maybe this request is related in some regard: https://github.com/processwire/processwire-requests/issues/470 This often happens, especially when fixing client's work done in the RTE. Maybe TinyMCE 6 is a lot better than CKEditor was, so fixing things will be less frequent in the future but when the HTML source is long and complex then a plain text HTML input is hard to work with. Also, I often like "experimenting" with the HTML source and that is another use case, I think.
  21. As a starting point, I guess, as they look outdated to me but I have not tried... Anyway, I think an officially supported "advanced" code editor plugin would be beneficial to all of us.
  22. Thank you for all the hard work you put into migrating PW to TinyMCE 6, which is so much better than CKEditor. One thing I'm still longing for is a "proper" source code editor which is a paid addon, unfortunately. Would it be possible for you to implement a TinyMCE code editor for ProcessWire, based on CodeMirror or similar?
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