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  1. Kongondo, I am refering to the 3 choices you have to add a menu item in the admin interface of the module : Pages / Custom /selector. Each of the menu item are using the custom option. here are 2 items of this menu The base url is the same, cause this a single process wire page, and the 2 last bit of the url are the url segments (ie /type/talk or /type/cours).
  2. Hi, I am using Menu builder on a new multi-language web site. It's a simple use case : only on level on the main menu. It'is working fine. Thanks again for the module. However I have one issue. the class for the current item is not rendered in the html. My code is like this : $menu = $modules->get('MarkupMenuBuilder'); $options = array( 'current_class' => 'active', ); echo $menu->render('MainMenu', $options); One point though : each menu item is a "custom item" with a url to the page and url segments (2 or 3) and all the menu item points to the same page (with different url segment). Do you think this is the reason why the current class is not present in the html ? If so is there any workaround ? Thanks a lot
  3. Hello everyone, I realized that I might have not been precise enough with my question. I have a multi language web site. I have a template called document. I have 4 language : default (not used on the front end), french and english and spanish A page with that template can be either active in french , in english, spanish or active in all of them. English in the not the default language though (it is the first additional language). My need is to have page hit counts views irrespective of the language. and stores views irrespective of the language. so if a page gets 1 view in english and 1 view in french. It would count 2 views. I tested my use case with Page hit module. I found that the views were properly recorded if the page was active english. But if the page is active in french or spanish the view is counted in the front end (on the debug consol it says 'Page Hit Counter: Tracked' but doesn't get recorded in the database. Why would it work for the first language that is not the default language and not with the other one. For the purpose of my test I duplicated the same page so only the language active status was changed. The change of url (from /fr to /en) is not the problem cause the page that has both language get the counts recorded from both the url language. I guess the module is not working in my use case even if I didn't need the recorded hits to be per se multilanguage.
  4. Flydev, in the meanwhile, I tried on the same server with an other db and a password with no $ ... at it all went fine. Tks for the premium support !
  5. Tks for your answer. Indeed the connection is correct and all the tables are created. this is why I was surprised. I looked into the config.php. as per your advice and found the culprit. the db user password has been truncated. The last 2 characters have been removed ! inital password was Bok03d$9 the password in the config.php is Bok03d But the password was typed properly during the install phase and the db import went ok. Any idea ?
  6. Hello, Tks for the module. it's working fine (back up on local or S3). Could restore the site on my local instalation. However when tried to migrate site to an other server bump into this probleme. The user mentionned her is the db user and has all the rigths. Can any body tell what should I be looking at. Pretty sure the problem is with my server config and not with the module of course. A fresh install of PW on the same serve works fine. Tks
  7. @Gideon : tks for your answer. That's not a good news though. The module is realy well done with all the options available in the admin. @David : any chance that you add support for multilanguage sites in the module's roadmap in the near future. Thanks
  8. Dear David Karich. Thanks a lot for this very nifty module. However I have one issue on a multilanguage site. I want to count the phits on one template. I configured it in the module settings. For that template some pages work perfectly well. But for some other (same template), I see that the phits was counted on the debug console But it doesn't seem to be recorded in the database ( the phits remain at 0). These pages are not in the same language that those that work. I guess it has to do with the language but I have not yet figured out the use case. Has anybody else used this module on a multi language site ? Any known issue in this contexte ? Thanks in advance
  9. OK got my answer lol. BCE exports the value in the language of the user. Clever !!! TKS
  10. Dear Adrian, Does the export function of BCE supports multi language text fields ? I saw you mentioning in this threat that it would be a good addition. But not sure whether you implemented it or not. Thanks again for the great module.
  11. Thanks for your answer... and indeed i am runing php 7.0.33. Regards
  12. @Adrian : tks a lot for pointing out this module. I am trying it rigth now. @Mahu:tks but no. all the pages I am searching share the same template. I guess It has to do with how the pagefields are managed by the cache field. I also added to the cache search field the template that the pagefield are referencing. But it didn't change anything. Hoping Teppo's module will solve my problem. Regards
  13. Hy, Thanks for the module. Just wanted to try it today. An upon uploading the module on my processwire installation. I got this parse error message (syntax error, unexpected '?' line 478). I am running it on the latest stable processwire version and php 7.x. Thanks in advance
  14. Hello, I am implementing a simple search function with the help of the cache field. The implementation works but the results I get out of the selector search is not right. Some page are correctly returned by the search but other pages that I would expect to be included in the research result are note included. My cache field included a few fields and some of them are pagefields. I looked in the database table for that field and i notice that the pagefields value that are stored in the cache field are the id of the page referenced by these page fields. as a result if in the search function i type the id of the page field reference I get the proper result. But if I type the name of the page field reference I don't get any result. Is there a way that the cache field aggregates the name of the page fields reference instead of its id. Thanks in advance Regards
  15. @adrian the date in the csv is dd/mm/yyyy and the datetime field is input format is set to the same. But thanks for the pointer. I will dig a bit on fromat tomorrow. Regards
  16. Hi everybody, I am running in a problem when I try to import a date into a dateTime field type (the fields remain blank after the import, if I import the same data in a standard text field the import result is ok). Is the DateTime field type supported in the CSV import function of BCE ? Thanks & stay safe
  17. @adrian, tested it just now with the new version. It worked like a charm. Thanks
  18. Everything works ok following to your suggestion. Tks again
  19. Hy adrian, tks for your quick answer. your suggestion sounds great. I'll try it soon.
  20. Hello There, First of all tks a lot for the module and I hope you (and every PW forum members) are doing fine. I am using BCE to import a few pages from an other CMS with the cvs import function. For the time being I am playing with the module to test it out. Everything works fine but the field pairing options. I can import pages from the CSV file (without field paring) but when I am using the field pairing it doesn't work (no pages are created) or rather I don't know how to make it work. I am using PW 3.0.148 (latest stable release) et the module version 1.8.19. and php 7 I have simplified my use case to try to understand the problem. I have a template with 2 fields title and body. In this test I am trying to import only the title field. here is the config screen The process runs with no error (nothing in the logs) and this is the message I get. But no pages are created under the parent pages. nothing ! here are my settings I went through the support board but didn't find any pointers at a solution. If I run the same import without the field pairing option ... it s all good with all the fields. Thanks for your help
  21. @Adrian, thanks for you suggestion. But I need the redirect option found on the maintenance mode module. In my understanding this is not an option that your module provides ? Am I rigth ? Thanks
  22. ok... I am answering my own (stupid) question in case it's of any help to somebody. To add a class in the ul of each submenu. Use the 'submenu_css_class' in the $option array.
  23. HI there, Very nice module thank you. I would like to put a class in each of the ul of the sub menus I have in my menu. It seems that through the admin interface or the $option of the render() function I can't achieve this. Is this correct ? Then would the only way to do this is the getMenuItems() function and coding the menu's markup ? Thanks
  24. Thanks a lot Wanze, I actually thaught I was running this site on php 7 but it was not !!! Thanks again have a great day
  25. Hi, thanks for the module that look spromising. I have a error after installing the module on a fresh install of PW 3.0.1232 (latest master) with php 7.0.3 Parse Error: syntax error, unexpected '?' (line 50 of /var/www/vhosts/XXXXXXXX/httpdocs/site/modules/SeoMaestro/InputfieldSeoMaestro.module.php) And there is a warning message : SeoMaestro - Requires module "PHP>=7.0.0" before it can be installed Which I am not sure what it means. Any idea what's happening. Thanks in advance for your help.
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