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  1. solved: host is with www. now 😉 It's me again 😉 Currently all my sites are running on http, but now it's time to change to https. But if i call the site with https instead of http i just get a white page, anything i have to do in the config for using https? The output is the root page (web), not the page that should be linked to the domain in the page tree (page2). -web -- page1 -- page2 Thanks!
  2. Hi, EDIT: Found it, change it in the module configuration. Can't be overwritten by field definition. i cannot change the length of the seo_title field. I changed the field max length to 100 but it is still 60 at the input field. i tried to remove the counter to check, does not work. Tried to change the title and description of the field, this works. I'm confused. Thx for any help!
  3. looking for something else i found it here too sorry for duplicate
  4. Oh, thanks for the fast answer. I'll have to find a workaround. I'll add a radio "include_child_pages" then. THX!
  5. Hi, I try to use a page reference to make an overview site, but i cannot select (save) the page i use the field on. -page 1 -- article 1 -- article 2 -page 2 -- article 3 -- article 4 all templates of the pages are selected in selectable templates in field definition. i am on page 1 and i want to select page 1 as reference. i can select all pages, but if i save, all pages are there (if i select all of them) but not page 1. anyone can help, or is this the way it should be?
  6. Hi, is there anything else to configure for editing fields in multi-language mode ? i'm always getting following message: Edited language does not match current language (1143 != 1127) when i try to save an edited field in an other language than default language ?
  7. Thx justb3a! me = so blind. Looked everywhere, but not on the module doc page
  8. Hi, i'm back again with some questions about the module How do i get the id of the current used sites root page in a template? $config->MultisiteDomains = array( "www.someurl.net" => array( "root" => "www.someurl.net", <====== page id of this page ??? "http404" => 1023 and how do i pick this up in a template ? // Multisite.module - Line 84 // set the current domain, so it can be picked up in templates or other modules $this->domain = $httpHost; Thanks for any help !!
  9. Thx Soma for trying to find out what's going on. I just tried to rename everything to www.super.info => does not work www.super.inf => does work I really have no clue what's wrong, but it works with .inf, so i'll work with this @404, i get the correct 404 page not the server 404 page
  10. Thx Soma, this brought me one little step further, but not to the end i changed the config to $config->MultisiteDomains = array( "www.domain1.net" => array( "root" => "www.domain1.net", "http404" => 1023 ), "www.domain2.info" => array( "root" => "www.domain2.info", "http404" => 27 ) ); and the page tree to - web -- www.domain1.net --- 404 Domain 1 --- page1 -- www.domain2.info --- page1 --- page2 --- 404 domain 2 - Admin - Trash www.domain1.net shows me -- www.domain1.net and www.domain2.info shows -- www.domain2.info but any subpages are showing the 404 page www.domain1.net/page1 => www.domain1.net/404domain1 and www.domain2.info/page1 + www.domain2.info/page2 => www.domain2.info/404domain2 another strange thing: www.domain2.info => page1 was called calculator before and www.domain2.info/calculator/ worked, after renaming it to page1 www.domain2.info/page1/ doesn't work, going back to calculator, www.domain2.info/calculator/ works again i really don't have any idea whats going on ;( edit: i logged the modify part in the module // we modify the GET it to tell PW what page to load $_GET['it'] = (isset($_GET['it'])) ? "$langSegment{$domainPageName}/" . $this->it : "$langSegment{$domainPageName}/"; $this->log( '$_GET[it]: ' . serialize($_GET['it'])); and got this $_GET[it]: s:28:"www.domain2.info/page1"; i guess thats what it should be, but the request does not work i always get the 404 page Finally i solved it after a lot of try and error the only thing i had to change was removing .info or change it to .inf "www.domain2.info" => array( "root" => "www.domain2.inf", "http404" => 27 ) in the config and in the paht, now it works. other 4 letter domains are working, only info brings the error
  11. i'm trying to get the multisite module to work, but i guess there is something i am missing, i hope someone can help: this is my page tree -web --www.domain1.net ---404 Domain1 --www.domain2.info ---page2 ---Domain2 Not Foundffff -Admin -Trash then i added this into config.php $config->MultisiteDomains = array( "domain1.net" => array( "root" => "www.domain1.net", "http404" => 1023 ), "domain2.info" => array( "root" => "www.domain2.info", "http404" => 27 ) ); and $config->httpHosts = array('www.domain1.net', 'domain1.net', 'www.domain2.info', 'domain2.info'); and both domains are pointing to the same directory and now both www.domain1.net and www.domain2.info shows me the "-web" page and anything else shows the Domain2 not foundffff PAge with ID 27 (www.domain2.info/web/page2, www.domain2.info/page2 and any other URL) i have the module Multisite MODULE VERSION SUMMARY Multisite 0.1.0 showing up under modules page I use PW under www.domain1.net/myadmin and the links-Button in the page-tree points to http://www.domain1.net/www.domain1.net and http://www.domain1.net/www.domain2.info Now i tried to install the old module Multisite 0.0.1, now i have an additional settings field on the modules page which i did not have with the new module. The Domains and the subsites are working, but i cannot get to the backend anymore www.domain1.net/myadmin shows mie the 404 site... ahhhh, i'm confused is there something missing? do i have to add anything else ? Thanks for any help !!
  12. Thx for the link! But i was looking for a way without the need of configuring the safari settings, so i guess atm there is no such way
  13. i love the new Front-End Page Editor, but as always there are some troubles with good old apple ;( i have a text field, a text-area field an an image with activated front end editing. everything works fine on desktop, on android and on older iOS devices. But with iOS10 apple ignores user-scalable=no, so if i doubletap on the edit region, the text zooms. it works on the image but not on the text. any ideas to make it work again ? thx !
  14. Thx! OMG, found a typo somewhere else i checked for $input->post["power_form_sent"] and it was empty because of the typo
  15. got a similar problem <form id="testform" class="col s12 InputfieldForm" name="testform" method="post" action="" data-colspacing="1"> <input placeholder="w / kW" id="power" name="power" type="text"> <input value="8,5" id="price" name="price" type="text"> . . </form> after sending the form i get following output with=> print_r($input->post); print_r($_POST); ProcessWire\WireInputData Object ( ) Array ( [power] => [days] => 3 [price] => 8,5 [power_form_sent] => 1 [submit] => submit ) tried to change action to full URL etc, did not help any ideas ?
  16. is there a simple way to render a form from the backend in frontend ( with other styles ) ? Or do i have to build everything on my own like in this post ? Thanks for any help.
  17. hi again, Thx for your detailed reply! I tried the zip upload, it also does not work 100%. Uploading a 40MB Zip File works, but everything over about 150MB failes, i have 250 MB max_filesize and 250 memory_limit, maybe that's not enough and the error i get doesn't help => Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property 'error' of null(anonymous function) @ InputfieldFile.min.js?v=118:1 I bulid workaround upload page where i upload the zip, unpack it and add the images via API.
  18. When i'm uploading multiple Images in backend everything looks fine first. - All Images are uploading - All Images are shown as Thumbnails but after saving, about 50% of the images are gone. For Example: I upload 10 images, every image is shown in the form, but after saving i have just 5 or 6 images assigned. I don't get any errors, not in Developer Console, not in PW logs, no PHP Errors If i drag and drop them one after on the upload area (same files) and wait until thumbnail is shown and then save the form, everything works fine. If i try the same form local on a XAMPP installation, everything works fine. Any idea ?
  19. OMG, Thank you :=) i had $gallery_data = $current_gallery->child( 'template=gallery' ); foreach( $gallery_data->image as $image ) { $image->tags = "TEST-Tag"; } $page->save(); $gallery_data->save() did the trick
  20. am i blind? isn't there any method to change the tags of images in a template ? thx for any help !
  21. i have a little problem using this module. everything works fine, i just got the "move" button/function too on pages allowed to edit. Moving does not work anyway but it's a little bit confusing that the button appears. any idea why ?
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