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  1. Hi @kongondo, thanks for the updates. Do you have a rough idea on when will an initial release be available? I'd need to add a simple store to a PW site after the holidays. You said there won't be an upgrade path so I'd rather not use V1 anymore.
  2. Will do, thanks. I don't know why I didn't think of that earlier. 🙂
  3. I can't see an option to apply classes on the link itself, on the <a> tag. When using Bootstrap, links must have the nav-link class. Did I miss something? What workaround can I use without messing with the module code? The module is working great, this is really the only thing I missed.
  4. Solved: It turned out I had no template file for any of the pages in the menu and the module checks if pages are viewable. Since non of the pages were viewable, menuItems returned an empty array. Thanks @kongondo for the help and pointing me to the right direction. All is well now.
  5. But that's the thing, there's no space in the menu name anywhere so I don't know where it came from. I sent you a PM with login details.
  6. It's not live, unfortunately. If I do a print_r($menuItems) in line 86, the output is ' main_menu' instead of an array. Interestingly, there's a space before the name of the menu, I'm not sure if it's important. I'll try to upload it to the server later today.
  7. That also returns nothing. That is, no output appears on screen from Tracy.
  8. That has no output at all. I'm very curious what is that, I must overlook something.
  9. ProcessWire\WireArray #1f8a data protected => array () extraData protected => array () itemsRemoved protected => array () itemsAdded protected => array () duplicateChecking protected => FALSE useFuel protected => TRUE _instanceNum private => 0 localHooks protected => array () trackChanges private => 0 changes private => array () _notices protected => array (3) errors => NULL warnings => NULL messages => NULL _wire protected => NULL
  10. I also deleted the content of the file compiler and cache folders. TracyDebugger shows the same two php errors I quoted before but I don't know how to dig deeper, I don't have a lot of experience with PHP debugging.
  11. Hi Kongondo, it's just a fresh install of PW 3.0.118 with a site profile that I took from the previous site. All modules were added by the site profile backup. I use the same code in the template to output the menu. My development machine is a Mac running AMPPS with PHP 7.1 The menu doesn't render, I get the error message instead. Steps I tried (to no avail): - Delete and recreate the menu - Uninstall and delete the module, download a fresh copy and reinstall - Downgrade the core to the same version as the other (working) site by overwriting the "wire" folder
  12. I hope someone can help: I get an error message and can't figure out what's wrong. I'm getting the following errors: Warning: Creating default object from empty value in .../site/modules/ProcessMenuBuilder/MarkupMenuBuilder.module on line 302 Warning: Creating default object from empty value in .../site/modules/ProcessMenuBuilder/MarkupMenuBuilder.module on line 305 I use the same code on two sites, in the same environment, one works, the other one doesn't. Latest module version: 0.2.4 and latest Processwire dev. The code: <?php // Output the main menu $menu_builder = $modules->get("MarkupMenuBuilder"); $menu_options = array( "menu_css_class" => "navbar-nav justify-content-end main-menu", "current_class" => "active", "default_class" => "nav-item" ); echo $menu_builder->render("main_menu", $menu_options); ?> It looks like the menu items get lost somewhere but I'm not that great with reading code and debugging.
  13. Thanks, it seems to tick all boxes for common discounts, well done.
  14. Sorry, when I said promotion, I meant discount codes or discount rules including option for free shipping.
  15. Hi @kongondo, I've just seen this thread and couldn't be happier. I used Padloper in the past as an early adopter but I always felt it wasn't for the faint hearted. It's great to know that it has a future and I hope v2 will be possible to use without PHP guru skills. I build almost all my sites on ProcessWire and it'd be nice to have the basic features covered by the module itself (promotion, tax, shipping, user accounts, order management etc…). Many of these were up to us to implement and it was prohibiting for front-end people. Best of luck with the project and thank you for your commitment!
  16. Thanks for the quick reply, I haven't checked the github issues… Creating the user and publish it when confirmed could work well, however it would lead to other problems when something goes wrong (such as email address is already taken etc…). On the top of it, security is important because there is order and payment processing involved for those registered users.
  17. Hi there, I've implemented the login/register module on a website I've built. It's very easy to work with and I like it a lot. One problem though: email registration data is stored in the session cookie. When someone tries to validate in a different browser, validation will fail. It turns out that it's fairly common for people to open email links in the cell phone app's internal browser or starting the registration on desktop but reading emails on mobile. It's a valid user expectation that validation will complete in all situation, we get many confused emails though about this issue. Question: any idea how to sort this to work across devices and browsers? I was thinking if there was a way to re-open the old session somehow by passing the session ID in the validation link or something like this? I looked through everything I could find about PW and PHP sessions with no luck. Alternatively: do you think it would be very difficult to store the data temporary in the database instead of the session file? (Note: I have VERY limited PHP skills). Thank you for your input in advance.
  18. @Juergen, I think that option is available in the module configuration in the admin and it just means that a single user account would be created and every FB account would map there. I'm having the same issue though: using the Login for Facebook and the Login/Register modules together results in duplicate accounts for the same email address. If someone already registered their email address and later logins with Facebook, the module creates another user with the same email address, rather than map the FB account to the existing user account. Since the Login/Register module is already integrated with the FB module (it outputs a login link automatically if the FB module is found), it would be a great idea to integrate the two modules even further. The front end login form uses email rather than username on my site so duplicate email addresses are an even bigger problem. Any idea how to get around this? The site is selling tickets, it would lead to confusions and lost orders because of this.
  19. Hi there, I'm having trouble with @ryan's Login for Facebook module. I setup both the app and the module and it seem to work to a point. When I click on the Login with Facebook button, it takes me to Facebook, the app presents the authentication and upon approval, it takes me back to the site. Instead of logging me in, it doesn't create any user instead responds with an error message: "Returned facebook user data has no user ID". Upon inspection of the module code (no great PHP skills here) it looks like there's a valid response but the user data is empty. Does anyone have similar trouble? Where do you suggest me to look? How to debug it? This is the page: http://debsireland.com/ticketing/login-facebook The Facebook app settings are attached.
  20. The only solution I've found is to downgrade the MapMarker module to 2.0.6, I believe. That's the last working version for me.
  21. Just had this problem after moving my site from localhost to the live server (v3.0.68 from PHP 5.6 to PHP 7.1). @LostKobrakai, your solution (refreshing the modules twice) sorted the error message and all module version changes registered properly. Thanks for the simple idea.
  22. Here's the solution I've found: disabling tags on the image field sorted all problems. Tags were enabled for that image field but not used.When I disabled tags, everything came back to normal and the site shred off all excess processing time. First byte time is 1s or less now. @ryan, is it a bug or there's an explanation for this behaviour? Enabling tags brings back the slowness again. All of that is happening on A2 reseller hosting (shared hosting with LiteSpeed, PHP 7.1 running as lsphp process) while speeds were satisfactory on my small VPS (2 cores, 2Gb RAM, Apache + PHP 5.4).
  23. Ok, I've found the bottleneck that causes many seconds delay in processing time. When I uncomment the lines below in different foreach loops, processing time drops by 6s. The images->first statement is called about 9 times for the home page. $block_img = $pageblock->images ? $pageblock->images->first() : null; and $img = $block->images->first(); I'm running the latest version of PW. Edit: When I had a look at the "images" field in Setup > Fields I noticed that opening that page also took 10+ seconds that is weird. I suspect that I have a trouble with that field somehow but how to debug this issue?
  24. Traceroute is fine and htaccess files are the default PW ones, no change. I'm pretty sure it's something about PHP/MySQL but don't know what to look for or how to debug what happens during that time before the first byte. All sites are built on the intermediate site profile and not that much different on the template level from each other. Yet, other PW sites on the same hosting have first byte times around 600-800ms, this one has 5-8s.
  25. I'm moving all my PW sites from my small VPS to a reseller account at A2 Hosting. The last site I moved over became very slow though, First byte time went from less than 1s to 5s and more and fully loaded time from 2.5s to 7+. The site is an exact copy of the old one. Any ideas what is going on? Old place: http://debs.focuswebsolutions.ie (Apache with PHP 5.4.45 and MySQL 5.1.59) New place: https://www.debsireland.com (LiteSpeed with PHP 7.1 and MySQL 5.1.73) The hosting company already tested the hosting account and found everything in order. Also, other sites I moved run at similar speeds on the old and new server. Any suggestion where should I look? File permissions seem to be ok. Thanks
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