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  1. alexmercenary

    I'd have to back this also. My logic being that it's a familiar set up for users of other e-commerce solutions such as Magento (who now use a sidebar in v2), prestashop, shopify etc. Also if they've all adopted the sidebar perhaps this is from some UX studies? Seems likely.
  2. alexmercenary

    No worries at all! Completely understand. Let me know if you want me to give this a trial run at any point when it's in Beta. Would pay the going rate up front also. Best of luck with it mate! Looking forward to putting it to good use!
  3. alexmercenary

    @kongondo Are you still working to a March/April timeframe for the first release? I've got a project that I'm doing in phases and if it's a matter of a couple months I may well hold off on installing the existing version I have to save switching things out later. @HMCB Cool idea.
  4. alexmercenary

    GoCardless is perfect for membership type payments. Direct Debit mandates are created and then once a customer has set up a mandate with you you can subscribe them to a package and set recurring payments and the interval between payments in years or months and how many payments should be taken. e.g. you can have a package that takes a payment monthly and you can set it to recur 10 times or it could be a yearly membership. GoCardless have various webhooks which can send info back to your application via a callback URL. @porl You could definitely get something like this set up. The API documentation is pretty damn good. You could then suspend a membership automatically if for instance a payment fails or the member cancels their direct debit.
  5. alexmercenary

    Ah no! You're not alone. I still haven't figured this out. If I do, I'll be sure to let you know!
  6. alexmercenary

    Everything seems to be working fine with posting to facebook but if I view the page as a guest/user I can't see the posts, I can only see them as admin. Could anyone advise please? And Merry Christmas to all!!
  7. I'm not sure whether either of these modules conflicted or if it's coincidence , but I roled back and then updated FormBuilder to the latest version and likewise with ProCache and then dropped wire directory for latest release back in place and all working.
  8. I'm getting similar issue for this update: PHP Parse error: syntax error, unexpected 'new' (T_NEW) in /wire/core/WireArray.php on line 2480 PHP version: 7.2 Any thoughts? Tried replacing the WireArray.php file also I see no typo.
  9. alexmercenary

    Ah ha! Nice one @adrian
  10. Hi all, I've just noticed that when using the Login/Register module if a user on the frontend gets the password wrong too many times in a short time space the SessionLoginThrottle stops them as it is supposed to but rather than showing an error on the form it makes the server throw an internal error page with: Internal Server Error The server encountered an internal error or misconfiguration and was unable to complete your request. Error has been logged. Administrator has been notified. Should it not render the error next to the form like the back end login?
  11. @benbyf nope. Most peculiar. I'll do some more investigating.
  12. Hmm yeah I did that. I changed it in the module to login-register and set the api key and list id but it doesn't seem to add the users. I've also added a checkbox called email_subscribe. Strange.
  13. @benbyf I'm using WireMailChimp and using it in conjunction with Login/Register to create accounts on the front end.
  14. Does this still work? I've installed it, but when I create new accounts with the correct role it doesn't add to to the mail list.
  15. alexmercenary

    Is there a way to get media with a certain tag limited to one user with this module. Have tried chaining getRecentMediaByTag() but I don't think that's possible.