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  1. Hi all, I have the following in my htaccess file: RewriteCond %{HTTP_HOST} !^www\.buydomain\.uk RewriteRule ^(.*)$ http://www.buydomain.uk$1 [R=301,L] which forwards all domains pointing to this location to buydomain.uk which is working fine. .htaccess is by no means my strong point so was wondering whether anyone knew how I could pass the redirecting domain to buydomain.uk as a parameter. e.g. going to example.com would then redirect to https://www.buydomain.uk/?url=example.com Any help with this would be greatly appreciated.
  2. Just a thought that would be useful in certain scenarios. Is there a hook or anything that could be used to stop the cookie management banner displaying on a given template?
  3. I'm seeing an issue whereby children of a page aren't showing in the sitemap. Robots noindex isn't checked and SEO fields are applied to the necessary template for those pages however. Any thoughts on this? EDIT: Ignore this... I'm being stoopid
  4. @teppo It's version 1.2.12 I don't know either. I've literally logged in today updated ProcessWire and started doing a bit of work. Only noticed when I went to edit a page in the backend. Thanks for the super quick fix though! 🙌I'll let ya know how I get on or if I see if anything has broken, haha.
  5. Hey @teppo I think there's an issue with VersionControl on PW v 3.0.148. When editing a page that the module runs on or trying to change module settings I get the following error: Argument 1 passed to ProcessWire\Modules::setModuleConfigData() must implement interface ProcessWire\Module, string given Any thoughts? Happy New Year
  6. Forget the above, it is indeed working. Sorry @adrian!! 😬New Year same me.
  7. @adrian that's odd. I'll DM you details now.
  8. @adrian Happy New Year! I'm just attempting to get this set up again on a new installation and it doesn't appear to be working again. Same on the previous link I DM'd you. Running on the latest version of ProcessWire and Tracy Debugger. Are you noticing any issues?
  9. Well I thank you very much for taking the time out to look into it for me. That was some quick turn around time!
  10. Thank you so much @adrian!!! What was it in the end out of interest? Some issue with superuser and permissions or was I being daft?
  11. I'm adding the developer role to the superuser. That should still work though right? As superuser adopts all permissions anyway irrespective of if it has the developer role added.
  12. Did you have to create those roles or does Tracy automatically generate them? I created the tracy-dev-all role as it didn't exist.
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