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  1. @Mikie my thoughts/hopes too 👍 I'm in the predicament of trying to put the client off adding a store at this time but it's hard as I can't specify a rough date, so I might have to build it in the old version of Padloper, which as you say is pretty handicapped.
  2. @nbcommunication ok cool. That's interetsing. Yeah, I've noticed this, it's due to the lack of img src tag when using uk-img isn't it? But what I noticed when I used data- prefix is that the images weren't lazy loading when checking the waterfall on the network panel and scrolling down the page.
  3. @nbcommunication what a great module! Thank you. Just a quick one: I've noticed that in the renderImageSrcset() method you are setting the uk-img attribute as data-uk-img but I'm pretty certain it should in fact be uk-img as this is what I've always used and is stated in the documents here: https://getuikit.com/docs/image Update: Also, I've noticed that if you are using uk-img it outputting data-srcset as well as srcset. The srcset should be omitted as uk-img adds the srcset attribute when required.
  4. @kongondo amazing amazing amazing as ever!!
  5. Ok so it's because there is a preg_match expecting <p> tags as it is intended solely for rich text fields.
  6. I'm trying to use Text formatter in conjunction with the multiplier pro module using a text field but it doesn't work. Does anyone have any thoughts of why that is or might be at all?
  7. This is AMAZINGGGGG! Great work. Excited to check this out is an understatement.
  8. I tell a lie @iank it's playing up again. I'll try and spend some more time debugging later and if I manage to resolve it (could be something so basic that I'm overlooking) I'll come back to you. Thank you for taking the time to offer your advice on the matter. It's very much appreciated. It's weird how even when I've disabled all caching for those templates it's still playing up. If I disable ProCache the issue is no more. I wonder if the rewrites in the htaccess aren't working for some reason. Either way, I shall report back.
  9. It's randomly started working... haha. Bizarre. In answer to everything you said above though. It is more or less exactly as you've stated above. It was generating the index.html cache for page 1 then overwriting it. No child directories for the paged results. I'm going to keep an eye on this one.
  10. Thanks for the response @iank It's definitely a bit bizarre. I've not had this issue before. I've tried explicitly specifying the start index but then it just get's stuck on that start position. If I clear the cache then refresh the page it loads the first page as expected. As soon as I hit another page, page 1 stops working, like you say, if you append page1.
  11. I know this is an old post, however I seem to be seeing a similar issue which can be viewed here: https://www.edmplus.co/uk-ltd/edm-consumables/ If I'm logged in the pagination works fine and starts at 1, however, if you view as a guest then the pagination breaks. I've tried disabling caching for the template but to no avail. I'm not quite sure what the root of the problem is. Could anyone point me in the right direction? I'm running ProcessWire 3.0.128.
  12. @Wanze ah yes of course. Awesome. Great work with module by the way!
  13. I seem to be getting an error with the sitemap.xml file with Google Webmaster Tools. It doesn't like the date format and I think it's due to the time format after the date.
  14. @kongondo Awesome! Taxes are a ball ache. No mean feat, so can totally appreciate everything you're saying. Looking forward to hearing more. 😁
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