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  1. alexmercenary

    Ah ha! Nice one @adrian
  2. Hi all, I've just noticed that when using the Login/Register module if a user on the frontend gets the password wrong too many times in a short time space the SessionLoginThrottle stops them as it is supposed to but rather than showing an error on the form it makes the server throw an internal error page with: Internal Server Error The server encountered an internal error or misconfiguration and was unable to complete your request. Error has been logged. Administrator has been notified. Should it not render the error next to the form like the back end login?
  3. @benbyf nope. Most peculiar. I'll do some more investigating.
  4. Hmm yeah I did that. I changed it in the module to login-register and set the api key and list id but it doesn't seem to add the users. I've also added a checkbox called email_subscribe. Strange.
  5. @benbyf I'm using WireMailChimp and using it in conjunction with Login/Register to create accounts on the front end.
  6. Does this still work? I've installed it, but when I create new accounts with the correct role it doesn't add to to the mail list.
  7. alexmercenary

    Is there a way to get media with a certain tag limited to one user with this module. Have tried chaining getRecentMediaByTag() but I don't think that's possible.
  8. alexmercenary

    Apologies for slow response @dragan I cleared the assets/cache directory and logged out and in but user with role admin cannot see the process page. The role admin has the required permission assigned to it.
  9. alexmercenary

    I can't seem to get this setup working. I have added permissions to a Process module which lives under Admin and added the permission to the role 'admin'. But the module page is still not visible in the top navigation. Any thoughts? Thanks in advance.
  10. alexmercenary

    Yeah, totally agree, I don't think people should jump straight to this, it was more a suggestion for a circumstance where a client would like all cookies unset initially, allowing people to enable them.
  11. alexmercenary

    Ok, I found out what was going on and it's me being silly, nonetheless, hopefully this will help someone. I use FormBuilder for some forms and by default CSRF is enabled for obvious reasons, but this relies on sessions to validate the form submissions and this adds info to the wire/s cookie. If you need to disable cookies then make sure to check this on the form settings and then I would suggest enabling this if people accept the cookie policy.
  12. alexmercenary

    @Robin S @Susticle Apologies for my slow response. It's very peculiar. I've just used a cookie checker as you did and it says that it isn't setting them however when I check in web inspector for this particular site and another, it still shows the cookies if I delete them and refresh, as if it has set a new one. checked in Chrome and Firefox in private windows too. Very bizarre.
  13. alexmercenary

    Hmm well I'm slightly baffled... If I set it to false it does indeed disable login however a wire cookie and wire_challenge cookie are still set on the backend and on the frontend there is still a wire cookie being set?
  14. alexmercenary

    @LostKobrakai I'm using PW version 3.0.103.
  15. alexmercenary

    Hi guys, On some instances of ProcessWire I'm finding that the cookies only for admin area or even $config->sessionAllow Is not disabling the wire cookie on the front end. Does anyone know why this would be? I've tried switching to DB sessions too. Thanks