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  1. @Marty Walker Right, I do the same, however in some instances, the only option is a directory. The actual live site is in a directory, therefore the director name will need to change across the entire site. I just hate having to manually change every link.
  2. Hi Guys, I wanted to post this thread to get some insight as to how others are migrating from a staging directory inside a live server to the actual root directory. I typically develop a project locally using Mamp and then move into a staging environment on a staging server . There are some cases the project requires to move the site into a directory inside a live site to make deployment of the new project move faster. When I move a project into a directory on the live server of domain.com/test/ I run into an issue of content links. What I mean is that I look at the source code in the CKEDITOR for a field and the link will display: domain.com/test/whatever-the-link-is/ or domain.com/test/assets/file.pdf or domain.com/test/assets/image.jpg The issue is, when I move to a live site, I have to go back and change tons of links from: domain.com/test/whatever-the-link-is/ to domain.com/whatever-the-link-is/ How are you guys making the link changes across the entire site at once? Are you using SQL Commands? Something in ProcessWire? Any suggestions will help eliminate the manual process.
  3. All is good now with my issue. Thank you. Now onto another issue, I still cannot save any settings I add in the blog dashboard. It says it was saved but when I open again, it shows empty fields. I am running this on a local install on MAMP. So here are my new issues on my 2.7.2 install on a local MAMP environment: Cannot save settings from dashboard, they dont take affect, only the widget check boxes work. Comments do not show the formatted date output I am using on the blog_date they show these numbers 1461862491
  4. I just added the blog module to a site on a local environment. Almost done with the styling etc. When I went to change the settings on the blog dashboard to display summaries, it won't save my changes. I went to the .module file and made $small = true and it only picks up what is in the code but does display summaries. 2 Questions 1.) How can I get the dashboard settings to save? 2.) On the blog-post template I am also displaying summaries instead of the full post ever since I changed $small = true, how can I get the full post for these pages?
  5. Hi Peter, Sorry was confusing the discussion with another one. I would strongly suggest using the following solution, I have used it numerous times. https://processwire.com/talk/topic/3846-how-do-i-create-a-sitemapxml/
  6. Peter, Did you add a new template specifically for the xml template? If so, go to that template setting and remove the end with backslash.
  7. We have a client with a site running ProcessWire. We have encountered some issues with a form a previous developer on our team made. Since we are extremely busy and need a helping hand, I am reaching out to the community. Essentially the form we had is an order form running on Form Builder. We chose form builder because of the ability to rapidly develop forms and store data. However we can move away from it for the order form. Basically here is what we need: An order form running on PHP or FormBuilder Form must output an order number and send an email to various emails with the order details. Also need an auto responder email with the order details and business information from the client. The order number must increment. Once the form is submitted, the results need to display on the same page with a print button. This form must work on all browsers! Need this built today or tomorrow. Will pay immediately and we will keep work coming your way if all works well. PM for the site details.
  8. @jason, glad to see its solved. Keep an eye on it, it should work. As mentioned, I have used this many times and it works like a champ!
  9. @Jason, To my understanding, you cannot see the xml file when you try to access the /sitemap.xml page ? If so, be sure the xml template settings in Processwire has no checked for, should page URLs end with a slash. That should get rid of the 404 and Google will pick up the xml, I have built multiple sites with this setup and all work well.
  10. Awesome thanks guys! I will run with the recommended GeoIP solution. Also, will not use auto redirect. I am going to trigger a pop up instead asking them if they want to visit another version of the site. Thanks!
  11. @adrian Yes and no. Basically this module simply displays the correct language. What I need is to check if they are from the UK and then redirect the user to the .co.uk version of the website. Or Trigger a pop up that asks them if they would like to visit the UK version of the website.
  12. Hi Sergio, Thanks for the links. However, I was referring to an actual tool that checks the users location and then if the user is coming from the UK and visiting the US website, I can pop up something saying we have a UK website. Then offering the idea of sending them there. Like GEOIP or something like that. I am still comparing solutions.
  13. Hi Guys, I am going to add capability to a USA version of a site to redirect or display a message to users visiting the website from UK or Ireland notifying them of an international website at .co.uk Any suggestions, module recommendations, plugins etc. ? Figured I would ask before I started working on this solution. Thanks!
  14. Hi Guys, I am running into a bit of an odd problem. I have setup a landing pages section for another site without any issues. Therefore instead of having a ton of landing pages they all reside under /landing-pages/ and will redirect to the short URL. Example: Instead of root/landing-page/page it will be root/page. In my first site it works perfect! In repeating the same setup for another site I encounter the following problem: ERR_TOO_MANY_REDIRECTS Here is what I am doing: Created a Landing Pages Section Landing Pages Reside Under this Section with the landing-page template In the home template I have turned on segments, in landing-page template I have also turned on segments. In the top of the home template I have placed the following code: <?php if(strlen($input->urlSegment2)) { // we only accept 1 URL segment here, so 404 if there are any more throw new Wire404Exception(); } else if(strlen($input->urlSegment1)) { // render the landing page named in urlSegment1 $name = $sanitizer->pageName($input->urlSegment1); $post = $pages->get("/landing-pages/")->child("name=$name"); if($post->id) echo $post->render(); else throw new Wire404Exception(); } else { ?> In the top of the landing-page template I have placed the following code: <?php // Redirect to the fake URL if real URL is accessed if(!$input->urlSegment1) { $session->redirect($page->url); } include("inc/head.inc"); ?> If I go to the shorter url it works fine, if I attempt the /landing-pages/page url it wont redirect, it just causes the error. Now I tested replacing $session->redirect($page->url); with throw new Wire404Exception(); and then it will work with showing the 404 therefore my conclusion is the session is not catching the short url. Any help? I have checked htaccess, index and config, all are setup right. Running: PW 2.7
  15. Well - Kongondos module, Blog. It uses Created by User in Settings to display the author.
  16. Hi Guys, I have a site that I built for a software company. The site has someone that will be managing the blog which is in ProcessWire now. Here is my question, I need to give the user's role the ability to change the created user for a page however, ProcessWire template settings only allows me to add this capability to the superuser. Any suggestions? Workaround ? Thanks.
  17. Hi Mike, I think the checkbox would be a great addition. This would make it easier for a newbie to Jumplinks be able to just dive in and get things done. I am for this update!
  18. @ Lance O. - No problem! I love Jumplinks and have used ProcessWire for tons of client projects! Have faith in it!
  19. @lance O. Also make sure you have the template setup to allow URL segments and remove the back slash. Especially if your using landing pages.
  20. You need to go into your GA account and change the Urls to the new Urls or you need to do this: http://www.website.com/bioh? gclid ={id:any} Redirects to http://www.website.com/biohealth?gclid ={id:any}
  21. @kongondo - Quick Question, in regards to spam comments, I installed Akismet module and added an API key because I was getting tons of spams however, spam comments I am getting, if I market these as spam and hit save on the post, what happens to the comment? Should I just delete them instead? Thanks. .
  22. @kongondo - Never mind I'm sorry, very tired. We did a big redesign a couple days ago and just launched the new website, with your blog as a module as well! Any hoot, I just replaced your updated files from Github and everything seems to be working great! Any other steps besides replacing the files you updated 2 hours ago?
  23. @kongondo - to update, what are the necessary steps? I have this running on a big site at the moment. I have moved the site to a local environment for testing of the blog updated files you just added. Thanks.
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