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  1. @kongondo - Since it was local best bet is to remove all the files or add the files again, perhaps something was missed.
  2. @Kongondo - do we know who the host is? In this case its not the module but the install.
  3. @FrancisChung, best way to remove manually is to literally uninstall module and remove the pages, so everything under blog in the page list should be deleted, including the blog page itself. Then move into deleting the fields, then delete templates. As in delete, I mean, delete through ProcessWire. Once you have done this, empty trash on the page list. Then go ahead and delete the templates from your templates directory via SSH or FTP. If you have tons of posts under blog, then use batch editor to remove them all at once. Just curious, Why are you removing this module?
  4. @Mike Rockett - Thanks! Working good again!
  5. @Mike Rockett, After updating, I get this error: Parse error: syntax error, unexpected ''alphanum'' (T_CONSTANT_ENCAPSED_STRING), expecting ')' in /modules/ProcessJumplinks/ProcessJumplinks.module on line 92
  6. Hi Guys, For some reason I cannot get JumpLinks 404 monitor to work, everything else is working and the CMS notifications show 404's but JumpLinks is not displaying the list of received 404's Anyone have an idea why this could be? I am running PW 2.6.1
  7. @Christophe, thanks for the update! Seems like the solution is working. I don't wan to Jinx it haha. I will report back the status after today.
  8. @arjen Yes indeed. We are still waiting for it to fully propagate , can you screen shot what you see?
  9. All, think we figured it out. There was one iPv6 Setting pointing to the old domain. We deleted this record, now we see the new site all the time. Its good to have an extra set of eyes on something, thanks to all that helped on this.
  10. @cstevensjr - Thanks for the screen shot. This really boggles my mind. I havent seen something like this, we might resort to finally pointing the Nameservers to our hosting and setting up their MX records.
  11. @cstevenjr - Can you screen shot what you see?
  12. @arjen 1.) The first time it was changed was 3 weeks ago. 2.) The second time it was changed 4 days ago. 3.) Correct, it was changed after. I can adjust the htacess. In regards to the DNS, medstarlab.com should resolve to which is where its hosted now but sometimes I will see the old website (Only when I connect to the internet on my home router, which is Comcast Xfinity Internet.) I can see the new site when I connect to something else for data. @cstevenjr In regards to flushing the DNS, GoDaddy can see the new website, Register.com which is where the domain name is can also see the new website, when we ping the website url, we get the right IP for the right server.
  13. @cstevensjr - I have flushed my system DNS cache, cleared my browser history etc. I am beginning to think that this is an ISP issue. Its very odd, I can see the new website when I connect to a hot spot, I can see the old site when I connect to my home office internet.
  14. Hi Guys, I wanted to reach to everyone in the community to see if someone has come across this issue. We have a client that had a website built in PHP. We provided our client with a new website built on ProcessWire. Our client has their domain name registered with register.com and their old website was built by another developer who was hosting the website in a virtual server at gandi.net. The DNS settings were as follows: Domain name was pointed to the gandi.net in order to display the website files. The MX records were pointed to Google servers for company emails. The Name servers were as is which is the stock register.com name servers. We were not able to speak with the old developer to setup a time to update the files so we were asked by our client to move forward without contacting the old developer. How we setup the new website: In order to avoid down time of the email accounts and not having to setup new MX records on another host, we simply setup our clients new website on GoDaddy shared hosting and changed the A record in their register.com DNS settings to point to the new hosting account. Basically, an IP change. Everything else they had stayed the same, meaning we did not change the MX records and we did not change the name servers. Here is the issue: Some website visitors are seeing the new website, some are seeing the old website. We first thought it was due to browser caching or the propagation did not fully complete when they tried to visit the website. After telling our client to wait until the new DNS settings or try to clear their cache, we thought they were all good to go. Now our client is contacting us saying that the issue is still happening. So we contacted register.com and had them resubmit the new DNS settings again, basically the same IP change we did. Result: Some users are still seeing the old website on certain routers. We are also seeing the old website on certain routers we use and the new site on other routers. Can anyone provide some guidance? Has anyone seen this issue before? We even pinged the website and it shows the correct server, we also used whatsmydns.net to see what the site is coming up as across the world and we also see the correct server. Lastly, we sent the url to our partners in Germany and they see the new website and not the old one. This is honestly the oddest issue I have seen and unsure as to why this is going on? Here is our clients site: medstarlab.com
  15. @kongondo - {title} is working fine for me. I am assuming its pulling the title field with this.
  16. @Mike, your module is insanely amazing! Love it, I just switched to using your module for redirects. You saved me hours!! of inputting a bunch of redirects. I used the wild card. I set it up like this: blog/{year:num}/{month:num}/{day:num}/{title:segment}/ going to domain/blog/posts/{title}/ and its working flawlessly!!!
  17. @Mike - I have another set of redirects to setup for a list of blog posts. Currently the posts are setup as blog/year/month/day/title/ I am going to be redirecting to blog/posts/title Any way to mass redirect this ? Versus adding each individual post as a redirect? Thanks.
  18. But does jump links support 301? We need to pass SEO value to the new pages.
  19. So just to be sure, this is actually producing a 301 right? Just making sure for SEO reasons. WE have about 300 301 redirects we are going to process for a site redesign we did.
  20. @Macrura, I figured it out! After rereading what you said about the CMSCritic Case Study, I had go back and and adjust the code of the home page with: if(strlen($input->urlSegment2)) { // we only accept 1 URL segment here, so 404 if there are any more throw new Wire404Exception(); } else if(strlen($input->urlSegment1)) { // render the landing page named in urlSegment1 $name = $sanitizer->pageName($input->urlSegment1); $post = $pages->get("/landing-pages/")->child("name=$name"); if($post->id) echo $post->render(); else throw new Wire404Exception(); } else {
  21. @Macrura, so I am trying your solution now: https://processwire.com/talk/topic/9748-pages-to-have-absolute-path/ And for some reason, I have it almost working but no page content.I get the new shorter url but a 404 message instead.
  22. @Macrura - To be exact, I am using the approach Soma used here: https://processwire.com/talk/topic/3057-how-to-keep-pages-organized-when-managing-lots-of-landing-pages/ I am also enabled URL segments on the home page. So when the user visits the shorter url, the page displays and the url stays short. Basically what Soma did here: if($found->id){ echo $found->render(); exit(0); }
  23. Hi Guys, I have a question in regards to SEO and Processwire. We are in process of migrating a site with about 600+ pages that resides on a bespoke CMS. About 200 of these pages are keyword targeted pages. They are content heavy with friendly URLs. However, these pages reside in the CMS under a section called other. Since the CMS they are on is not Processwire but custom, the URLs are vanity URLS, whereas Processwire the URL would look like: /other/page-title Therefore, I have setup a vanity url field and used a similar approach to what Soma did here: https://processwire.com/talk/topic/3057-how-to-keep-pages-organized-when-managing-lots-of-landing-pages/ But for my solution I do show the shorter vanity url, in which some users are displaying the redirect. My question is this: If I show the shorter URL, is Google going to crawl the page as: /other/page-title or /page-title Any help is appreciated. Thanks guys!
  24. @kongondo this is great news! Wish I could see an update in code. :-( would love to implement this in my clients site.
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