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  1. I was confused too. The original images were in another folder on the same server. I entered the full path to the images. The original images are regular JPGs, with .jpg suffixes. The only thing that I could think of that may have triggered this strange PW behavior is: the image suffixes are uppercase: so, foo.JPG, not foo.jpg. (the uppercase suffix was generated from an old digital camera - but that didn't cause any problem whatsoever in the past) I really could have used this handy API function to move / add literally thousands of images with one handy script (I'm re-building an entire photoblog site with PW). There's nothing special about the images. Plain-jane, regular JPGs, exported from Photoshop with "save for web" menu. o_O
  2. To be more precise, in "page edit" view, I can view the thumbnails OK, but clicking on any of these, I just see gibberish like JFIF^^gExifII* (12iCanonCanon EOS 20Dg5'g5'Adobe Photoshop CS2 Windows2006:05:06 17:58:16"'02212 FN V ^f0100nv 2006:05:05 19:37:162006:05:05 in the lightbox. The images themselves are fine, been online since 2006 on photo-galleries...
  3. I tried the example code above - everything worked fine. However, when adding images, the new filenames are all without .jpg suffix. They are all named "image.___" instead of "image.jpg". The originals (on the same server, in another folder) have .JPG (uppercase) suffixes. Does that have anything to do with it? Anything I can do to keep the exact same image-names when creating pages and using $p->images->add('foo/blah.jpg') ? The browsers display the images OK, but I'd rather keep .jpg suffixes (upper- or lowercase) instead of .___
  4. I never installed a custom admin theme. I have 2.3.0 installed. site/templates-admin/default.php shows this: /** * ProcessWire 2.x Admin Markup Template * * Copyright 2010 by Ryan Cramer * Teflon Theme 2011 by Soma Philipp Urlich * * @modified 2012-08-29 * @version 1.0.3 */ I just checked in ModulesManager: filter by Admin Themes: status: - (none installed)
  5. Somewhat related: http://37signals.com/svn/posts/1061-why-we-skip-photoshop
  6. I ended up adding this bit of CSS at the bottom of site/templates-admin/styles/ui.css: #submit_save_copy { visibility: hidden; display: none; } Bottom save button stays, the top one disappears. Or you could add another custom .css and include it in site/templates-admin/default.php: $config->styles->append($config->urls->adminTemplates . "styles/custom-ui.css"); Perhaps another workaround would be to make the top button just an #anchor link to jump to the bottom.
  7. links on the "our work" page result in 404 errors... o_O
  8. There is lots of reading material: http://processwire.com/api/ http://processwire.com/videos/ http://processwire.com/talk/forum/13-tutorials/
  9. we'll just rent a nice chalet and have Fondue + Kirsch, then...
  10. not sure i understand... try modifying your HOSTS file (locally).
  11. Thanks. I think I found a solution, although I'm baffled why this should interfere with a simple GET form request... I renamed the home page (id 1). It used to be "home-sweet-home", and I renamed it to the default "home". I tried it again, and now it all works as it should. Well, not quite. I changed the selector to use LIKE queries, in order to also find partial terms, e.g. a word that appears in the site, is "Zwetschgenbaum" (plum tree in german). If I searched for "Zwetschge" (plum), I didn't get any results. I changed ~= to %= et voilà. The site is quite small (maybe 3 dozen pages), so any speed disadvantage is probably only in the milliseconds range (if at all).
  12. On a new install (copy of an absolutely fine-working PW) the search is not working. And it's really strange: same server, same PHP versions etc. The q parameter is not recognized by PHP. I tried to echo $_GET["q"] as well, but the var is empty. The search URL is just domain.tld/search/ - instead of domain.tld/search/?q=hello If I manually add the param in the URL: /search/?q=something, the search results are shown as expected. Error log doesn't show anything. I also checked any .htaccess files, whether something else hijacks the q param for mod_rewrite - nothing. Any ideas where to look further?
  13. Just a little remark: I encountered the same with Firefox and Chrome / Win (most recent stable releases). I don't think it's an IE-specific issue. I don't like hacking the core code, but as a quick fix, would it be possible to remove the top "save" button altogether?
  14. dragan


    Thanks! IMO, if you build new sites today and don't care about mobile devices, you're doing something wrong (well, at least if you're doing this professionally) btw: one of the many things about PW that awed me from the start was the mobile friendliness of the backend - out of the box. Over the weekend I was out of town and spotted a little typo; it was quickly fixed with my phone.
  15. dragan


    My very first PW site: http://fantastique.ch/ Launched a week ago. The bulk work was not design or scripting / CMS-related, but writing copy and choosing what work to include and what not. Oh, and exporting tons of data from MODX Evo and import to PW (lots of data was in an ancient site / on another domain). It was a great learning process, and I must say it's a real pleasure working with PW. Thanks for all the help I got so far with my n00b questions in here. I'm not happy yet with the frontpage (should add more content and probably more visuals). I'm gonna add some case studies (simply describing a project from start to finish in more detail). And if I really have a full week or two, add a german version as well. Initially, I wanted a multilingual version from the get-go, but I decided it's better to launch something, rather than nothing. In June, I'll launch my 1st PW-powered client site. Looking forward to discover even more PW awesomeness along the way.
  16. Thanks for your feedback. In the meantime, I've learned a lot. I've already used the Inputfield type "page" a lot
  17. OK, thanks for the explanations. The big choice of field-types is a bit overwhelming, and as a newbie, I'm still learning... (btw, I think it's a bit of a misnomer to call a variable pageArray, when it's not an actual array, but a string. Perhaps pageList would be more appropriate?)
  18. Thanks! In the end, this worked: $p = $pages->find("portfolio_categories=$page, template=portfolio, sort=-Project_Date"); foreach($p as $pp) { echo "<a href='{$pp->url}'>{$pp->title}</a><br>"; } I'm still a bit puzzled why the other method didn't work. So is $page some sort of short form for $page->title? Guess it must be, because it wouldn't work otherwise. On the other hand, for these category pages I'm only using the title field, nothing else.
  19. I've created a couple pages that hold nothing more than categories - referenced by portfolio pages. The multi-select page fieldtypes work just fine. Now I'd like to find all pages that have category X. Since most items have more than one category, I need selector operators like %= or *=. But these simply don't work. e.g. $cat = $sanitizer->selectorValue($page->title); // works // none of these work: $p = $pages->find("portfolio_categories*=$cat, template=portfolio, sort=-Project_Date"); $p = $pages->find("portfolio_categories%=$cat, template=portfolio, sort=-Project_Date"); $p = $pages->find("portfolio_categories*=$cat"); produce the error messages I've uploaded as attachment below. Do I have a buggy mySQL version installed? Other basic selector queries (foo=bar) work fine...
  20. Oh dear... please someone delete this thread What a shame, TGIF
  21. I'm getting my feet wet with PW... Today I'm trying to build a basic portfolio site. One of the things I need are categories. I know by now how to accomplish this. However, while creating pages and doing tests, I wondered: Is there a special module that allows you to move several pages at once? Batcher doesn't have this, as far as I can see. Also, is it correct that with the current default "move" action within the pages menu, you can't put a page inside another page i.e. container page? You can always just move one page at a time within the same hierarchy level. I think it would be a very nice-to-have feature in the admin section (or as an optional module). I also looked up the database: "pages_parents" would probably be the place where to manually change parents via SQL. But I'm not sure how to use that, when there are multiple parents, i.e. a container-page is nested inside one or two other pages deep. Perhaps there's a tiny little thing I've been missing? Would you rather use the API to set a new parent for dozens of pages?
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