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  1. I just ran into this and thought you guys might like it as well as it seems like a really useful tool to me! It's called Kite and is still in beta, but in the end should be working with your editor of choice. Check out this video on youtube.
  2. Comparing two files can be done by the opensource program WinMerge as well, if you're running a Windows machine
  3. Maybe just use something like Cloudflare?! You might check this topic
  4. Hi @thlinna, welcome to the forum! To answer you question, I've not, but I'm just as curious as you are. It looks awesome. Did you give it a shot in the meantime?
  5. Thanks @LostKobrakai, I'm aware. I use the browser to debug. Will remove the setting afterwards @szabesz You're welcome!
  6. i got this error on my local machine, using Blisk, an awesome browser for developers. adding this to your config.php will make things work again $config->protectCSRF = false;
  7. Not sure if this is the right place to post this, but the example of the blogprofile seems broken
  8. oops, missed that Methods are slightly little different though, but nice!
  9. Something I like to use myself Create a bookmark and set the url to: javascript:void(q=prompt('ProcessWire.com Search:',getSelection()));if(q) void(window.open('http://google.com/search?q=site:processwire.com '+encodeURIComponent(q))) Enjoy!
  10. Just checked out this module.. Wowww.. Brilliant!!!
  11. I just ran into Forward, a php opensource ecommerce platform. Looks great! Might be interesting to keep an eye on. I haven't tried it yet
  12. Thanks guys, it's working! @adrian, thanks for putting me on the right track. I was at the wrong one @cstevensjr, thanks! The cron is running
  13. Maybe my description was a bit off. I've added a screenshot to make things clearer.
  14. The module seems to work fine, but.. I have tested the URL, that needs to be executed by the CRON, in the browser using the locationbar and works like a charm, but I can't set the URL in cPanel. cPanel doesnt allow me to use the following characters (which are used in the URL): \ ? % * : | " > <
  15. I'd like to make this work on a shared hosting account, but am not sure if it's possible. cPanel doesn't allow me to use some characters. Is there a workaround?
  16. Thanks! I just ran into the same issue. So here are my dutch translations nl_js.txt nl_dlg_js.txt
  17. Could the errors of John Kelleher be due to an incorrect order of the textformatters? As I change the order I get quite the same error (using TinyMCE)
  18. Ah, great! Thanks interrobang
  19. Found the answer myself $categories = $pages->find("template=category"); $maincategory = $page->parent; $categories->remove($maincategory); return $categories;
  20. Hi guys, I need a little help on this. I want to be able to add optional categories to pages from a specific template. Main category will be set by the pagetree (parent) and the optional ones will be selectable by pagerefence (type:page). Only I want to exclude the one set by the pagetree (as this one should be set already; will do this by an import). I guess the solution can be done by a custom selector (input fieldsettings), but how? Any help would be greatly appreciated
  21. Jeroen

    Pub Demo Site

    Hi Josh, you can simulate different smartphones with google chrome press ctrl + shift + i goto settings (bottom right) click 'overrides' check user agent PS: site looks good!
  22. Hi Jasper, I noticed a little typo. Tried to change it via git. As I'm totally new to github, I'm not sure if I did the right thing. Anyway: line 74 says piwik_max_kewords i/o piwik_max_keywords That's all Cheers, J
  23. Correct I generally don't use a redirect if the maintenance is short, else I use a 503 because the spider leaves the pages in the SERPs like they were.
  24. Pete, I'm not sure if it has something to do with your update, but it all seems to work!! Thank you so much
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