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Using 2 different PW versions agains same DB


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I am redesigning my site and set up a development version of the site (plain copy) using the same database. 

During the redesign process I became interested in the CroppableImage module, which requires the dev version of PW.

I upgraded the files in my development sites, but want to check with you before I start installing the new modules in the test version:

Can this cause problems with the production site as long as it isn't using any of the new fields/modules?


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You need to be aware, that assets need to be synced, or images will show up as unavailable in the installation they weren't added to. Also CroppableImage does make the chosen imagefield unusable on your production site as the used fieldtype is saved in the database. I don't know if it will throw any errors as long as you do not access this field, but it certainly will if you try to access it on the production site. 

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