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  1. Also didn't work. I've solved it like this: <?= str_replace("html:", "", html_entity_decode($successMessage)); ?> But I wouldn't call it the best practice hehe 🧒
  2. Hey guys, I'm using Form builder module by Ryan and I'm trying to render HTML success message after form is sent using value from this field: but it renders exactly as it is written in the field, not as HTML. To render it I just use echo <?= $successMessage ?> What am I missing? Thanks for any help. 🧒
  3. Hello guys, I'm trying to figure out how to sync fields and templates between staging and production environments. I've found Migrations module by Lostkobrakai, but with use of it all the fields and templates must be created by API, which is kind of uncomfortable. I also tried ProcessDatabaseBackups module which can export only certain tables, but I don't think it's the best practice to do that. How do you guys solve this problem? It's very annoying to setup everything three times (dev, staging, production). Thanks a lot :)
  4. Woow, that really did work! Thanks a lot! 🙂 The Wireshell looks awesome. I'll check it
  5. That doesn't seem to work. I've tried: $files->rmdir($config->urls->templates . "styles", true); @teppo, I tried to keep as few installation steps as possible, but yeah. Why not? I'll just add one extra step and use site profile instead. I see deleting those folders is problematic. Thanks a lot 🙂
  6. Hello, I'm working on something like "structure generator" for my own needs which is run after clean installation of PW to create basic structure, fields, install modules, remove unnecessities, etc. I'm trying to remove site/templates/scripts and site/templates/styles folders, but I'm out of ideas already. When I try PHP's unlink function, it says that the path doesn't exists, which is obvious, because it will try to delete those folders under FileCompiler folder. This is probably because PW compilation process? I'm initializing this mine "structure generator" in ready.php. Do any of you guys have any idea how to get rid of those folders? My styles and scripts folders are separated, so I don't need those two inside templates folder. Thanks for every advice. 🙂
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