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Upgrade from 2.5.24 to 2.5.25 broke the site


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After upgrade I got the following error:

Compile Error: Cannot redeclare PageEditFieldPermissionConfig() (previously declared in 
/home/.sites/24/site1275/web/site/modules/PageEditFieldPermission/PageEditFieldPermissionConfig.php:8) (line 69 of 
This error message was shown because you are logged in as a Superuser. Error has been logged. 

I upgraded wire and index.php not the htaccess file.

At the moment I changed it back to 2.5.24 to get it working.

Does anyone struggle with the same problem?

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The Question is why do you have two classes with the same name: "PageEditFieldPermissionConfig"?

One in the sites module directory and now there seems to be one in the core too? Can you have a look to this?

Ah, I have edited your error and wrapped it into different lines, Now we can read it better:

It isn't about two classes, it seems to have two methods with the same name:

Compile Error: Cannot redeclare PageEditFieldPermissionConfig() (previously declared in 
/home/.sites/24/site1275/web/site/modules/PageEditFieldPermission/PageEditFieldPermissionConfig.php:8) (line 69 of 

Please have a look into site/modules/PageEditFieldPermission/PageEditFieldPermissionConfig.php at line 8 and at line 69, it seems that those lines both want to declare a method (or class) with the same name: PageEditFieldPermissionConfig.

Edited by horst
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Hello Horst,

I have looked into that before I have posted this topic, but I couldnt find the reason on line 8 and 69.


 * Provides the implementation for the PageEditFieldPermission::getModuleConfigInputfields method

function PageEditFieldPermissionConfig(array $data) {

	$inputfields = new InputfieldWrapper();

	$f = wire('modules')->get('InputfieldMarkup');
	$f->label = 'How to use this module';
	$f->attr('name', '_instructions');
	$config = wire('config');
	$f->value = <<< _OUT

	To use, create a <a href='{$config->urls->admin}access/permissions/'>new permission</a> 
	and name it <b>page-edit-[field]</b>, replacing [field] with the name of the field you 
	want to limit access to. <em>Better yet, use the tool below to create them for you and save some time.</em>

	Once your page-edit-[field] permission(s) exist, <a href='{$config->urls->admin}access/roles/'>add them to any roles</a> 
	that you want to have edit access to the field. Roles that have edit access to a page, but do not have the 
	required page-edit-[field] permission will not be able to see or modify the [field] in the page editor. 

	<p>Note that none of this applies to users with the superuser role, as they always have access to edit everything.</p>


	$createPermissions = wire('input')->post->_create_permissions;
	if($createPermissions) foreach($createPermissions as $name) {
		$name = wire('sanitizer')->pageName($name);
		$permission = wire('permissions')->add("page-edit-$name");
		$permission->title = "Access to edit the '$name' field"; 
		wire('modules')->message("Added permission: $permission->name");


	$f = wire('modules')->get('InputfieldCheckboxes');
	$f->attr('name', '_create_permissions'); 
	$f->label = 'Handy tool to create permissions for you';
	$f->optionColumns = 3; 
	$f->description = 'Check the box next to each field name you would like this tool to create a permission for you. This is the same thing as going to the Permissions page and creating them yourself, so this is here primarily as a time saver.';
	$fields = array('name', 'parent', 'template', 'status'); 
	$notes = '';
	foreach(wire('fields') as $field) $fields[] = $field->name; 
	foreach($fields as $name) {
		if($name == 'pass') continue; 
		if(wire('permissions')->get("page-edit-$name")->id) {
			$notes .= "$name, ";
	if(!$notes) $notes = "[none yet]";
	$f->notes = 
		"Fields that already have permissions: " . rtrim($notes, ", ") . ". " . 
		"Non-superuser roles that have page-edit access will no longer be able to see/edit these fields unless the appropriate permission is assigned to that role. ";

	return $inputfields;


Line 8 is function PageEditFieldPermissionConfig(array $data) {

and line 69 is the closing bracket at the end

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After uninstalling the PageEditPermission module the upgrade works as expected. I made the update and after that I reinstall the module once more. The error appear once more.

I dont need this module at the moment, but this module causes the error. So it seems that it is not compatible with the latest version at the moment

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