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PW multi site Admin Theme issue


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i am using PW in Multi site using "symlink" website is working fine.

for admin panel i am using custom theme  and i have "templates-admin" folder in site folder too.

but when i login to admin panel i can't see any pages. like attached screen shoot.

but if i remove the  "symlink" folder and put actual "wire" directory in website every thing works fine.

how to fix this issue as i want to have one "wire" directory for all my sites in PW for future updating purpose.



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I think the screenshot won't help anyone debug this. More important would be: which ProcessWire version? any errors javascript and/or php errors? anything in the logs?

Also it should not be necessary to copy templates-admin/. Admin Themes should be modules by now.

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thanks LostKobrakai for quick reply. 

i am using latest version of PW ProcessWire 2.5.24 dev. and i can't see any error in error log.

i have copied "templates-admin" in site folder of website and uninstall the default admin theme.

"wire" folder is on other domain and i am using it as "symlink".

i also noticed some thing, if i install the default admin theme , i see admin page as attachment. its only on webserver. also if you notice in this i even can't see pages too.

after more debugging in "default.php" in templates-admin directory i find out there is no value for "$content" i try this command

aa <?php echo $content; exit;?>

in local host i can see out put with pages but in web server it only show " aa " but no pages.

but if i copy "wire" folder not "symlink" this variable have vales and show pages...



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Admin themes where changed to be modules just for the fact, that you do not need to copy stuff from the wire folder. You can just copy the default theme to your site/modules/ folder, rename it and change anything you want. It's not supposed to work like you did it.

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Hi LostKobrakai,
i´ve got also an issue with the "AdminThemeUikit" in case of a multisite-Setup (option #1).
i'm using pw 3.0.123 and i couldn't install the admin Theme within the 2nd Site.
When i refresh the "modules" within the 2nd Site, the system throws following notification: Module "AdminThemeUikit" has multiple files (bold file is the one in use). Click here to change which file is used

if i click on the link, a error 500 occurs.
It´s also not possible to install the adminTheme twice.....

Any Ideas?!

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