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  1. Hi @joshuag is it possible to have 2 or more Timeperiods within 1 recurme-field? For example: Course1 ( template: Event with one recurme-field) takes place on two Times Thu 9:30 - 11am Wed 05:00 - 6:30pm How could i solve this? Many Thanks!!
  2. hi, I'm stucking with outputting some events. in my project i use one page to show all available events as an overview. the pagestructure is as follows: - courses - course1 - course2 - course3 How can i get the course - dates/times while looping throw the course pages My code: $courses = $pages->find("template=event"); foreach($courses as $course) { $outEventList .= "$course->title"; $outEventList .= "$course->courseData"; // the recurme-field within the course - template } i also tried this within the foreach without results: $optionsCourse = array( 'selector' => 'id='.$course->id ); $eventDate = $recurme->find($optionsCourse); Any ideas how to access to the specific data for any course? Many thanks!
  3. Both tipps do work - thanks a lot!!!
  4. Could be - but i don´t know, where to put the selector. do you have any code example?
  5. @joshuag perhaps, i could take at least a quick look at it, to go further with this....many thanks!
  6. Hi, into another topic and didn´t found anything about it in the docu. My Site-structur is as follows: - events - Course1 - Course2 a.s.o. every course ( template=event ) has its own recurme field for events-dates. so far so good. on every specific course-site i want to show a calendar only with the dates of this specific course. For this i run into an issue and one question: Issue: The course-link looks like this: mysite/events/course1. If i klick on the calendar, to step one month further, it will end up with an empty calendar. The reason is, that the link, provided from the calenders arrows, look like this: mysite/events/?c=1&m=06&y=2018 The part course1 is missing before ?c=1&m=06&y=2018. Therefore the link has to be mysite/events/course1?c=1&m=06&y=2018 Question: Is it possible to show a calender ( $recume->renderCalendar ) only with the events from a specific course ( selector could be id=$page->id ) ? In my case: - Calendar with date of course1 on site course1 - Calendar with date of course2 on site course2 Thanks a bunch!
  7. ok - got it....many thanks and where can i manipulate this in die recurme-Inputfield in the Backend?
  8. Hi folks, is there any chance to set the date/time - format to german? e.g. 1:45pm should be shown as 13:45Uhr. May should bei shown as Mai a.s.o. is this possible to achive this over the array "renderEvent=>dateFormat"? I've played with it, but without any positive result.... Many Thanks!
  9. itsberni

    hi all, i've got some trouble submitting the form. in the logs i've got a "Date difference is out of range" - notification, every time a form has been submitted. i double checked all available and required fields. Do you have any idea? Thanks CF: 0.1.0 PW: 2.6.10
  10. itsberni

    Hi Wanze, very great module, very useful - thanks for making this. I think i'm doing some things wrong here because I couldn't get any ouput on the pdf. Only the header an footer - line is printed out. /xxx/xxx/site/templates/pages2pdf/_header.php /xxx/xxx/site/templates/pages2pdf/_footer.php I created a corresponding template in the pages2pdf-folder and defined it in the module configuration. But the only thing what i get is an empty page with this 2 lines above in the footer and the header. I've got a template/page where the content is only generated by the api. After the closing php-tag i tried the print out only the headline of this page with <?php $header = "Überschrift"; ?> <h1><?= $header ?></h1> No results at all. Even if i do <h1>Überschrift</h1> will give me an empty page. Where is my fault? Could you please give me an advice? Thanks a lot!!!
  11. Hi all! i've got a question using the optionsfield. is it possible to create a Textfield in a parentpage with comma seperated values. out of this values i will get selectable Option in the Child of this parent? i hope you could verify what i mean.... Thanks! For Example: ParentPage: textField: opt1, opt2, opt3, opt4 ChildPage selectOptionsField: 1=opt1, 2=op2, 3=opt3, 4=opt4
  12. itsberni

    Hi! a loggedin user has access to ony specific page. this page has th following structure: - Part 1 ( template part ) - subpart 1a ( template subpart ) - subpart 1b ( template subpart ) - subpart 1c ( template subpart ) - Part 2 ( template part ) - subpart 2a ( template subpart ) - subpart 2b ( template subpart ) - subpart 2c ( template subpart ) - Part 3 ( template part ) - subpart 3a ( template subpart ) - subpart 3b ( template subpart ) - subpart 3c ( template subpart ) the comments - field is implemted in the template "subpart". Now i want to have the possibility to make specific comments to each subpart - entry. It would be just perfect to store every specific comment-threat that belongs to it's subpart-entry! The field name & e-mail address should be already filled with the data from the logged in user ( users name / users mail address ). is this possible to manage?! Many Thanks!
  13. itsberni

    Hi adrian! i Could do that, of course. But i thought it would be easier to assign a spezific Page to a user. i solved it now with a different approach. I added a page reference field to the User Template. In the template.php i check for the User and simultaneously if the visited page = the referenced page in the users entry. That works for me. nevertheless thank you!