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  1. Crazy - or an April Fool's joke! As of today... haven't tried the tips any further - but it will be hard to understand now, when the error is now gone.
  2. Hey guys, I've discovered some pretty strange behavior. A date I set from 4/6/20 - 4/19/20 appears in the calendar in May. can anyone help me with that? thanks a lot!
  3. I did. That's the way to go. I´m deactivating the folders in both sites....and viola. Now i'm able to setup the AdminThemeUiKit in both environments. Perfect - you made my day. Many thanks
  4. what kind of clicks do you recommend 😉 - when i click on the link ("click here to change the file is used " - which is obvious ) i will get an error 500
  5. @kongondo i have tried both versions - with "www" and without. But that isn't my problem any longer because this was only for testing. now i come along with a virtual host and that works fine! But the problem with the admin-theme is still a topic.
  6. Hi LostKobrakai, i´ve got also an issue with the "AdminThemeUikit" in case of a multisite-Setup (option #1). i'm using pw 3.0.123 and i couldn't install the admin Theme within the 2nd Site. When i refresh the "modules" within the 2nd Site, the system throws following notification: Module "AdminThemeUikit" has multiple files (bold file is the one in use). Click here to change which file is used if i click on the link, a error 500 occurs. It´s also not possible to install the adminTheme twice..... Any Ideas?!
  7. but in this context another issue occurs: if i want to use the AdminThemeUikit within my 2nd Site ( it was already installed in the main-site ) the following notification comes up. When i Click on the Link an error 500 occurs. I thought, in case of Option #1, there are no dependencies between the different "Site-folders". Each Site-Structure has it´s own module environment?!
  8. Hi Guys, i want to refresh this post because I couldn't get option #1 working. I want to set up a multidomain - project and i want to test it with a subdomain from my origin Project. my main site is working fine - this is the setup: - pwFolder - wire - site - site-otherdomain index.config.php .... a.s.o. the index.config.php: function ProcessWireHostSiteConfig() { return array( /* * Some Examples (you should remove/replace them if used). * Just note that the values must begin with 'site-'. * */ 'sub.mydomain.de' => 'site-otherdomain', 'www.sub.mydomain.de' => 'site-otherdomain', 'www.mydomain.com' => 'site-mydomain', 'dev.mydomain.com' => 'site-dev', /* * Default for all others (typically /site/) * */ '*' => 'site', ); } Domain-Hosting Setup: sub.mydomain.de points to "pwFolder" mydomain.de points also to "pwFolder" when i write into the Browser "www.sub.mydomain.de" nothing happens - no error, only "Site was not found". it seems the configuration in the index.config.php has no effect. Is there anything i forgot? Thanks a bunch! SOLVED: Subdomains do not work - it works with a complete different domain ( here: Virtual Host )
  9. Hi Rick, this was my misunderstanding. I had the opinion that i could set a specific value to a checkbox. my usecase is a form, where you can choose ( via checkbox ) different "products". Every product has, of course, it‘s own price. When Checkbox is Chosen and the form is sent the value of the checkbox should be submitted - that was my thought - misbelief 😉 thank you though....
  10. Thanks for sharing your thoughts. i'll try to solve it with a hidden field for each checkbox.
  11. hi Guys, are there any issues known with 3.0.113. The module doesn't send any notification-mail. Any Problems known with this version of PW? Many Thanks!
  12. something for further explanation: I want to calculate a price using checkboxes: e.g. checked state <input name="myCheckbox" type="checkbox" value="15" /> unchecked <input name="myCheckbox" type="checkbox" value="0" /> the change of the value happens via js. now, in case of submission, the value in the Database is that one ( Detail - Tab of the FB-Field ) These entrys appear as well in a page ( i create a page with this data ) as in the admin-Email. it seems to be, that FB ignores my specific value in case of submission. i also tried to let this fields empty to force the use of my values but the first one is mandatory. that works neither. Some ideas.....?
  13. Sry for confusion.... corrected the Post.
  14. Hi Guys, i use the embed-method "D" in Formbuilder. In the form i use some checkboxes for calculating. To achieve this i set the value of the checkbox like this: <input name="myCheckbox" type="checkbox" value="<?= $someValue ?>" /> When i send the Form, the value changes into the entry, i made in formbuilder in the Detail-Section of the checkbox-field. does anybody know, how to accomplish, that the Form sends my specific value? many thanks!
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