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  1. Hello, unfortunately I have to rehash this thread;-) I have a field of type "file" and I just can't get files larger than 128M uploaded. The php.ini settings are as follows: upload_max_filesize: = 256 post_max_size = 256 memory_limit = 512 max_execution_time = local value: 120 / master value: 300 max_input_time = 600 Is there somewhere in the file settings a hidden possibility to limit the upload volume? Thank you very much for your input!
  2. ok - read it. i think that's exactly what i need. thanks for sharing! the question now is only if this is compatible with the login/register ( Pro - Version ). in the module settings of login/register the fields refer exclusively to the template "user". i guess i could get problems here... What do you think?
  3. no, i did not. i didn't find a way how user-profiles could be integrated into the "normal" page tree. i will dig in this first. Anyway, thanks a lot to all of you!
  4. hi 3fingers, i think it's great that you are thinking about my usecase. maybe it's not the "right" way to solve this problem. i will describe it briefly: users can log in and create a profile. this profile should then be accessible via its own url on the site. ( entry/url-user-1/ to achieve this, i create (at the moment manually) a page name per user ( url-user-1 ), which i combine with the entry of the user. in the template of the url page i have the possibility - per page - to select the appropriate user ( $user->id ) via a page-reference field. since i may want to use this url as a segment in the further course of the portal, i want to store it automatically in the respective user entry during the assignment. This way I can achieve that every user gets his own page, which can then also appear in a sitemap. the much more elegant and less cumbersome way would probably be to enter the url in the user-entries themselves and automatically create a page with the template mentioned above, which is linked to the user->id. For this I simply did not yet deal enough with the hooks. i hope i could now contribute even more to the confusion ? Many greetings
  5. $page->entryPages->id did it, when adjusting the fieldtype-settings. Thanks for pointing to this....
  6. it´s a Page reference - field and this writes the needed id into the session. But i cannot compare it with $user->id. When i write $user->id == 1234 - this works wire('session')->message("Hello World 2 ! You saved {$page->entryPages}")
  7. Hello, what I'd like to do with a Hook is this. the hook should work if I change a certain field on a page with a certain template. Afterwards a value should be written in the template "user". Somehow I am stuck at the moment. If I enter the value $page->entryPages fix in the if statement ( eg. 1234 ), it works. Where do I have my error: $wire->addHookAfter('Page::changed', function(HookEvent $event) { $page = $event->object; $change = $event->arguments(0); if($page->template == 'entry' && $change == 'entryPages') { // execute some code when "entryPages" changes on "entry" pages // show info about the value "entryPages wire('session')->message("Hello World 2 ! You saved {$page->entryPages}"); // get all users $allUser = wire('pages')->find("template=user"); foreach($allUser as $user){ // where the user->id == $page->entryPages, write the value in user-template if( $user->id == $page->entryPages ) { // check out if success wire('session')->message("This is it {$user->id}"); $user->setAndSave('userEntryUrl', $page->name); } } } }); Thank you!!
  8. Hi! when sanitizing an url, it outputs "http://myDomain.com". Is there a possibility to use https instead? Many Thanks!
  9. Crazy - or an April Fool's joke! As of today... haven't tried the tips any further - but it will be hard to understand now, when the error is now gone.
  10. Hey guys, I've discovered some pretty strange behavior. A date I set from 4/6/20 - 4/19/20 appears in the calendar in May. can anyone help me with that? thanks a lot!
  11. I did. That's the way to go. I´m deactivating the folders in both sites....and viola. Now i'm able to setup the AdminThemeUiKit in both environments. Perfect - you made my day. Many thanks
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