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  1. something for further explanation: I want to calculate a price using checkboxes: e.g. checked state <input name="myCheckbox" type="checkbox" value="15" /> unchecked <input name="myCheckbox" type="checkbox" value="0" /> the change of the value happens via js. now, in case of submission, the value in the Database is that one ( Detail - Tab of the FB-Field ) These entrys appear as well in a page ( i create a page with this data ) as in the admin-Email. it seems to be, that FB ignores my specific value in case of submission. i also tried to let this fields empty to force the use of my values but the first one is mandatory. that works neither. Some ideas.....?
  2. Sry for confusion.... corrected the Post.
  3. Hi Guys, i use the embed-method "D" in Formbuilder. In the form i use some checkboxes for calculating. To achieve this i set the value of the checkbox like this: <input name="myCheckbox" type="checkbox" value="<?= $someValue ?>" /> When i send the Form, the value changes into the entry, i made in formbuilder in the Detail-Section of the checkbox-field. does anybody know, how to accomplish, that the Form sends my specific value? many thanks!
  4. Hi all, tried several things.....changed the php-version on the Server (down to 7.0). Updating pw to the latest master (123). Uninstalling and installing the module again. the result is the same. could there be any problem with the server (mittwald) to handle pdf-files in terms of security? any thoughts or suggestions? SOLUTION: The PHP-Version has to be 7.0.32 CGI - now it works!!
  5. Hy adrian, i installed the module over the pw-backend as Admin. it‘s all curios, because in my dev-enviroment with pw 3.0.123 and php7.0 it works. The difference between both cases is the Server-enviroment....
  6. Hi @Richard Jedlička thanks a lot for this useful modul!! Unfortunately i am running into following issue. When trying to upload a PDF i get this error and the upload fails. Failed to read the file (in /wire/modules/Inputfield/InputfieldFile/InputfieldFile.module line 790) I´m using PW 3.0.95 - and the FieldtypePDF 1.1.5. PHP Version: 7.2.4 ImageMagick: ImageMagick 6.9.4-6 Q16 i686 2016-06-03 Do you know anything about this? Thanks!
  7. @joshuag please take a look. The special characters are represented correctly in the remaining website. Could you please take a closer look at this issue?! Many Thanks! UPDATE @joshuag Found a dirty solution for this issue. Changes in the MarkupRecurme.module ( utf8_encode ) will do the trick. Lines 543 + 1248 543 'month' => utf8_encode($this->wire('datetime')->formatDate($event->start_date, trim($options['renderEvent']['monthFormat']))), 1248 $monthTitle = utf8_encode($this->wire('datetime')->formatDate($startTime, trim($options['monthFormat']))); Perhaps you will find a cleaner suloution and add it into your next update. Happy new Year to all you guys!!
  8. Hi, my html is already set to UTF-8. This effect only concerns the recurme calender rendering
  9. Hi, i noticed some problem with rendereing german umlauts. My definition: 'monthFormat' => '%B %Y', Is there something to keep in mind? Thanks
  10. Hi @joshuag is it possible to have 2 or more Timeperiods within 1 recurme-field? For example: Course1 ( template: Event with one recurme-field) takes place on two Times Thu 9:30 - 11am Wed 05:00 - 6:30pm How could i solve this? Many Thanks!!
  11. hi, I'm stucking with outputting some events.🤔 in my project i use one page to show all available events as an overview. the pagestructure is as follows: - courses - course1 - course2 - course3 How can i get the course - dates/times while looping throw the course pages My code: $courses = $pages->find("template=event"); foreach($courses as $course) { $outEventList .= "$course->title"; $outEventList .= "$course->courseData"; // the recurme-field within the course - template } i also tried this within the foreach without results: $optionsCourse = array( 'selector' => 'id='.$course->id ); $eventDate = $recurme->find($optionsCourse); Any ideas how to access to the specific data for any course? Many thanks!
  12. Could be - but i don´t know, where to put the selector. do you have any code example?
  13. @joshuag perhaps, i could take at least a quick look at it, to go further with this....many thanks!
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