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  1. Hi! a loggedin user has access to ony specific page. this page has th following structure: - Part 1 ( template part ) - subpart 1a ( template subpart ) - subpart 1b ( template subpart ) - subpart 1c ( template subpart ) - Part 2 ( template part ) - subpart 2a ( template subpart ) - subpart 2b ( template subpart ) - subpart 2c ( template subpart ) - Part 3 ( template part ) - subpart 3a ( template subpart ) - subpart 3b ( template subpart ) - subpart 3c ( template subpart ) the comments - field is implemted in the template "subpart". Now i want to have the possibility to make specific comments to each subpart - entry. It would be just perfect to store every specific comment-threat that belongs to it's subpart-entry! The field name & e-mail address should be already filled with the data from the logged in user ( users name / users mail address ). is this possible to manage?! Many Thanks!
  2. Hi adrian! i Could do that, of course. But i thought it would be easier to assign a spezific Page to a user. i solved it now with a different approach. I added a page reference field to the User Template. In the template.php i check for the User and simultaneously if the visited page = the referenced page in the users entry. That works for me. nevertheless thank you!
  3. Hi adrian, very usefull - thank you!! Is it possible to have "allowed users" additionally to "Allowed Roles"? I would like to give a specific user access to one specific page. With a role-access i couldn´t achieve that, because then many of the users with this role would have access to this page - and this is not desired.
  4. elabx, many thanks! Your solution does it. Works perfectly! Many thanks to all of you! Happy new year!
  5. Unfortunately, no... As part of pageReferenz i think i have to write "has_parent=parent, template=subitem-template, switched=1". But even this attempt failed - no results in that case....thanks anyway
  6. Added to „selector string“ - brings out no results in any case. thanks.....
  7. Hi, i´ve got the following site-structure: - Project 1 - item 1 - item 2 - item 3 - subitem 1.3.1 ( includes optionfield "switched" ) - subitem 1.3.2 ( includes optionfield "switched" ) - subitem 1.3.3 ( includes optionfield "switched" ) - item 4 ( pageReferenz - field ) - Project 2 - item 1 - item 2 - item 3 - subitem 2.3.1 ( includes optionfield "switched" ) - subitem 2.3.2 ( includes optionfield "switched" ) - subitem 2.3.3 ( includes optionfield "switched" ) - item 4 ( pageReferenz - field ) now i create a page reference field and as a selector i defined "switched=1". So i want to bring out all pages (subitems) from the page tree "Project 1" OR "Project 2". But as a result i will get now all the pages (subitems) from project 1 + 2. Formulated differently - i only want to get the pages from Project 2, when i am in item 4 of Project 2 How can avoid the results from the tree, i am not in? Thanks a lot!
  8. i think my hoster( strato )doesn't support that . Does anybody from you know how to get this working with strato? @adrian without this, there is no solution for a poster-image, right?
  9. @adrian Saving works now. Many thanks!!! But there is no poster-file generated. The file the modules generates is poster="/site/assets/files/1/". But this file doesn´t exist ( according to fire-Bug )
  10. Hi Adrian, thanks for this Information. I'am quite busy at the Moment. I will test it out asap.
  11. Ok, Thanks for this information..
  12. Hi adrian, thanks for this module. i´ve installed the module with pw 3.0.56. my problem ist, that i can´t save a mp4 file. i can drag the file but after pushing the "save"-button the mp4-file dissapears. Do you have any suggestions, what i could try to get this to work? Many Tanks!
  13. Hi! Does anyboy know, how i translate the "register" - Button? This doesn´t solve the problem: $buttonFieldreg = $fuRegister->form->get("fhSubmit3"); $buttonFieldreg->label = "registrieren"; I also tried ->name and ->value - same result Beyond this i would like to know, if there is a possibility to change the language of this parts ( siehe screenshot ). Many thanks!!
  14. @rick ok! Thanks for advice....but, where do i have to do this settings. In der EmailNewUser - Modul there ist no possibility.....
  15. Hi! Great module - thanks for this, adrian! Is there any possibility to send this user-email to admin at the same time ( without using another module )? Thanks!!