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Build my first PW website...., and not my last. Like PW a lot. It is fun to work with and sometimes a challenge. Spent, more than once, some ours fiddling on code issues, but real proud when I got it to work. Could not have done it without the feedback of the members from this community, thank you!

Modules I used:

-Email Obfuscation

-Form Builder



-Google Analytics

-Protected Mode

-Wire Mail SMTP






Website: http://www.tweemansterk.nl

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Nice site, works well on my smartphone (have not seen it on a bigger screen).

I would suggest adding a link back to the homepage to the logo. It's just a nice little shortcut that a lot people have come to expect nowadays.

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Nice, some minor issues I found:

  • header has issues in about 650-1024px page width range. It is cropped or the menu covers the logo
  • main menu items (desktop size) should have more padding to be easier to click on
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Isn't the Animate.css will only be activated, until the animated content is in browser viewport ?

I tried the animate.css. It won't work as your website.

Animation will all activate instead of, scrolling a page to the animated div and then start the animation

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