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  1. Hi @michelangelo, The fastest way to achieve the effect of Instagram feed, is to use Processwire Pagination with Ajax Infinity Scroll, for example https://infiniteajaxscroll.com There is no silver bullet to take thousands of results form any kind of database. You should take it part by part and Processwire Selectors with Limits are good solution or prerender them as static data and keep them cached, as guys above said. BTW, 1,000 divs on one page is realy bad idea in terms of browser capacability. Just open Instagram, scroll hounded posts and take a look how many resources it will takes from your console. Good luck Alexander
  2. Hi there Here is the future of e-commerce for Processwire framework: https://processwire.com/talk/topic/19911-future-of-padloper-new-project-lead/ by @kongondo Third parties solutions looks great until you will faced with customization and then, with issues after updates. It is always better to control the code by yourselves. Best wishes from the Alps Alexander
  3. @Noel Boss, After short investigation we found a hidden symbol at the end of coupon code. Will add a sanitizer. Thanks again for bug report!
  4. @matjazp Thanks for feedback. I believe it could happens, because you have specific symbols in the address (š). Sorry for that. Will made address normalisation soon.
  5. @dragan It was a funny bug. Briefly, I am using XHR to validate wether a URL exists and normally it works fine, as I always test it with https URLs. (-; Due to a cross-origin XHR problem, http URL always returns error. Now it works well. @matjazp Thanks for your message. Indeed, we use only ROOFTOP as valid Geocoder response, but in your case it’s RANGE_INTERPOLATED. Now I added it accordingly and everything should works. Thanks again!
  6. Hi @netcarver, Many thanks! You're welcome!
  7. Hello @Noel Boss, Thanks for your message. I have checked Stripe logs. Seems like it may have happened because you tried to use an expired card previously. The Verikey service is completely free for you. However all subscriptions are handled by Stripe, and their system does not accept the form without a valid bank card. I’m sorry for that but unable to amend this formality. Anyway, I’ve created the ticket and waiting for their response. Many thanks for trying.
  8. Hi, @matjazp We use Google Geocoder to verify an address before sending the letter, to avoid wrong recipient. Could you send me your address please and I will double-check it? Thank you!
  9. Добар дан, @dragan! Thanks for your message. At the moment, I have time only for in-house development. Thanks for your report. Yes, it seems like something is wrong with checking URL JS. We are verifying it more precisely and hope to fix it shortly.
  10. Hi Everyone, Today I am delighted to share my new product that we have created with Processwire. It's a verification system, that binds together a physical address with website. I’m using Processwire nearly from the beginning and I still believe that it is one of the greatest open-source platforms that exist. Being thankful I’m pleased to provide the service of Verikey verification to the Processwire community (and websites that you did) for free. Forever. Visit verikey.com Gift code: ###### (please, request by direct message) Feedback and questions are really appreciated. Many thanks my Mom, @ryan, @soma, @adrian and all Processwire contributors. Cheers, Alexander UPD: While subscription Stripe requires a valid bank card details. It’s a formality by Stripe for all subscriptions. The Verikey service remains 100% free and out of charge with the provided voucher code.
  11. @adrian, Let's leave this for the next week when my colleague, who take care about front-end come back from vacation. And now I know that @adrian @apeisa not mirrored nicknames or same person
  12. Dear Adrian, thank you for reply. I use Rename on Save because I need it for API (for front-end photos uploading). For this moment more than 100 pages affected, so I make copy from old backup and now copy each files back to actual server. (every page have 10-20 photos, so it's long story But I realise moment, when all this happened. I use this code to make changes for page field (I mean, field type page): $chalets = wire('pages')->find("template=chalet, chalet_dining.id=13664, include=all"); foreach ($chalets as $page) { $page->of( false ); $page->set("chalet_dining", 13668); wire( 'pages' )->save( $page ); $page->of( true ); echo $page->title; } After that all images on server get new names, but in database they still with previous file names. And I wish you good luck with new Padloper!
  13. Hi @adrian, I have another strange issue. Some of images has new file name on the server but old name on the page. Maybe you have an idea why it can be happens and how is possible to solve this?
  14. @adrian My settings: Enable fields -> images, Filename format: site-{$page->name}, Rename on save is ON. If page->name = 'high-7' I lost one of file every save. I fix it with: site-{$page->name}-### Now everything except lightning.pw works fine. After submit new password on https://lightning.pw/login/change_password I get Safari can’t open the page “https://lightning.pw/login/change_password” because the server unexpectedly dropped the connection. This sometimes occurs when the server is busy. Thanks for your help!
  15. Dear Adrian, I have strange issue with pages which have numbers and hyphens in $page->name (ex. foret-17). Each save one of pictures becomes empty with error "file cannot be displayed". That mean, if I save page 10 times it lost 10 images. After changing page name everything working fine.
  16. MAYDAY MAYDAY MAYDAY Hey Everyone, I'm looking how to send notifications about comment to user that created the page. Actually, I found piece of code FieldtypeComments.module:664 $f->addOption(self::notificationCreated, $this->_('Send notifications to user that created the page')); but its commented and not working. Maybe it possible to make it like "created_user_id:email" in admin notification settings or something like that? Thanks for any help.
  17. Dear all, I can't find any explanation how to change "E-Mail Notifications" from Off to Replies by default. Any ideas? I found solution from Ryan which works perfect for me. include("./MyCommentForm.php"); $form = new MyCommentForm($page, $page->comments); echo $form->render();
  18. And make sure, that you checked "Should page URLs end with a slash? Yes" in your Logout template.
  19. @tuxy Make sure that you put right URL to your logout page in "<a href='/logout'>". I recommend you to use ProcessWire API to get right URL. <?php echo "<a href='" . $pages->get("id=33977")->url . "?redirect=$page->id". "'>Logout</a>"; ?> 33977 change to your logout ID page. If you don't know how to find page ID just try to edit that page and get it from url /page/edit/?id=33977 ?redirect=1 probably mean that you try to to logout from homepage, which always have ID=1.
  20. @mr-fan Fastest gun in Bavaria. You post login, not logout code and "/somewhere/" never redirect you to the same page.
  21. It's easy Add to any page if ($user->isLoggedin()){ //get link with current page id echo "<a href='/logout" . "?redirect=$page->id" . "'>Logout</a>"; } To logout.php <?php //get page id from input $redirect = $sanitizer->name(wire('input')->get->redirect); //get url from page id $url = $pages->get($redirect)->url; if($user->isLoggedin()) $session->logout(); $session->redirect($url); ?>
  22. @peterknight I'm just wondering why you not publish real IP? Maybe something wrong with https?
  23. @nghi With ListerPro module you can make as many presets for search as you want. Like that:
  24. @kongondo @netcarver @einsteinsboi Is it possible, that something was changed for this module in last PW dev? I use PW 2.5.15 and have strange issue. When I try to edit page I get page witch pointed in "redirect restrict user to" on top of normal edit page. Like: <code of "redirect restrict user to page"> <code of normal page edit page>
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