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Processwire Release Nick Names


What nickname its the best?  

4 members have voted

  1. 1. Processwire 2.5 - Names 1 - 20

    • Tesla
    • Newton
    • Einstein
    • Bancroft
    • Goldfinger
    • Smithson
    • Pasmore
    • Luder
    • Chamberlin
    • Powell
    • Bon
    • Blackbeard
    • Calico Jack
    • Henry Morgan
    • Sir Francis Drake
    • Blue
    • Lemon
    • Red
    • Jade
    • Fricassée
  2. 2. Processwire 2.5 - Names 21 - 26

    • En Croute
    • Avec Mousli (Diogo Special)
    • Fettuccine con porcini e barlotti
    • Hamming
    • Floyd
    • NerdWire
    • Other

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I think it would be fun to nickname the Processwire versions

like the mayor softwares (Wordpress, Ubuntu, Mac, etc).

So I propose that versions should be nicknamed after scientists/inventors or cool people that make experiments

because Processwire "ancestor" Dictator CMS was named after the Thomas Alba Edision's Dictator Machine.

Also, nicknames could come from beer, wine or fantasy characters like Bilbo Baggins or Gandalf?.

What do you think?


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So, should we made a Poll?

Why not we take names from architects and inventors

and choose by a democratic vote?


some Inventors that comes to my mind are:

Nikola Tesla ~> Processwire 2.5 'Tesla'

Isaac Newton ~> Processwire 2.5 'Newton'

Albert Einstein ~> Processwire 2.5 'Einstein'


I do not know many architects though  :P

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So if there are no more suggestions

I think we should begin the poll to define the first nickname for Processwire!.

Nickname proposals will be received until Sunday 26-10-2014 GMT - 4

Monday 27 we should start the poll until December, 

shall we?


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It all depends who you are aiming the names at:

If it is Developers, then scientists might work, though I think engineers is probably closer to the DEV way of thinking

If it is designers, then it should be the influential designers/artists/architects throughout history.

If it is at business decision makers, then maybe it should be using names of great economists and business leaders throughout history

Personally, I always thought the trouble with names was that I could never remember which was the current and which was the old one, and if the name was not familiar it did not stick in my head anyway.

I like numbers, though you can have fun and add colours or something to give it lift.

ProcessWire 2.5 Blue

ProcessWire 2.6 Lemon (possible a bad idea)

ProcessWire 2.7 Red

ProcessWire 2.8 Jade

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Joss: the colours idea should appeal to Pokémon fans, at least. Just saying ;)

Anyway, just to continue where Joss left off, it's also kind of difficult to say what would appeal to groups like "business executives" in general. I know business executives who are musicians, athletes, artists, racing drivers, and so on -- they don't necessarily identify with their job title, many of them have something else they are (even more) enthusiastic about.

If we do go with some sort of nicknames, I think it should be, first and foremost, something that fits ProcessWire itself.. and also a topic Ryan should have the final say on. On a slightly related note, personally I've always liked the nicknames Ubuntu has, even though I'm having hard time imagining who they were thinking while naming 14.10 "Utopic Unicorn".. :)

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Well, better than naming them after Disney Characters, or Telly Tubbies....

Though, Looney Tunes might be a good source of inspiration, though laced with copyright issues!

My personal favourite would be food, of course

ProcessWire Fricassée

ProcessWire en croute

ProcessWire avec Mousli (Diogo special)

ProcessWire Fettuccine con porcini e barlotti .... okay, too far that one.

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Why don't use Turing award winners? It's an annual prize given by the Association for Computing Machinery (ACM) to "an individual selected for contributions of a technical nature made to the computing community".

[Wikipedia: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Turing_Award]


"ProcessWire 2.5 Hamming"

"ProcessWire 2.6 Floyd"

P.S.: I think the architects' names are sounding better.

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At lightning.pw, we use elements as subdomain names (also I heard, that one or two users spotted some sort of "wire" domains)  ;)

@Joss: ProcessWire Lemon sounds AWESOME 

At general, I like the idea of using codenames and i find the Architects' names being the best. It is a nice callback to ProcessWire's origin and most of them sound cool.

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