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module for filtering results from large list?


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My site has 150+ pages, and I need a tool so readers can sort and drill down to find the page that best meets their needs.  An example of something similar is here: http://www.mouser.com/Passive-Components/PotentiometersTrimmers-Rheostats/_/N-9q0yi/ in the section that allows filtering by several different parameters.  Another example would be profile matching on a dating site, where you describe the person you're looking for, e.g. "non-smoking, blonde, under 6 ft tall, over 20 years old, under 500 lbs, single" and the site shows you only results that match.

Each page will have about 20 filter parameters.  Obviously I will also need a way of appending these searchable parameters to each of my pages.  Currently my site is all simple SHTML and CSS; I've installed PW, but none of the site is built on it yet.

Any suggestions?  Thanks!

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Filtering is very easy because each choice excludes all the others. In the example you gave it could work like this:

$resultados = $pages->find("template=potenciometro, fabricante=$fabricante, produto=$produto, resistencia=$resistencia, classEnerg=$classEnerg, acabamento=$acabamento, tolerancia=$tolerancia, conica=$conica");

This would work because you would be looking for products that have all these characteristics. But the example that I gave doesn't take in account tat some filters might be not used. For that you could do this:

$fabricante = $sanitizer->selectorValue($fabricante);
$fabricante = $fabricante ? "fabricante={$fabricante}" : "";
// do the same for all fields

$resultados = $pages->find("template=potenciometro, $fabricante, $produto, $resistencia, $classEnerg, $acabamento, $tolerancia, $conica");

These assume that your fields are text fields, but most probably they would be page fields, in that case your search would be more of this kind:


read more about how to organize content here http://processwire.com/talk/topic/3579-tutorial-approaches-to-categorising-site-content/

If you need a more intelligent search, one that instead of excluding just prioritizes some fields over others, I can help you with some code for that also.

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