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A sane var_dump()?

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Is there a way to do a var_dump() in PW without getting a massive incomprehensible array returned? The amount of data that's inside the object is so extensive that it often crashes the browser.

Is there a wrapper function that's just for debugging?

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Depends on the variable you put in var_dump :)

Can you tell what do you want to achieve, debug?

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Well, I have something as simple as a list of US states and their children (which are Schools). The US states just have a title, as do the Schools.

I have looped through all the states and split them into two arrays for display purposes. All I want to do is var_dump the array that contains the objects, but PW spits out an insane 20 page novel about the contents of the states and their children. 

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So, when I try:

$state_set = $pages->find('template=state');

echo $state_set->getArray();

I get Array(); as the output. If I try:


I get Proust.

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