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I kept getting these errors on my modules page on one site


I have no such modules listed, but inspection via Adminer shows that they have entries in the modules database. Each entry has data listing a number of modules, such as (for .ModulesVerbose.info).

Tracy debugger from Nette with many PW specific custom tools.
Adrian Jones

I assumed that the database got corrupted somehow (but how?), so I deleted the entries. Everything seems to be OK....

Any ideas what might have caused this? Anyway, thanks @adrianfor Adminer - always useful in extremis.

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Thanks @matjazp. The issue is well-documented there.  In my case, it ocurred after a database load and a modules refresh (not a PW update). I suspect the issue was caused by loading a database from a later PW version (3.0.229). I removed the rows from the modules table and all seemed OK after that.
I then updated to 3.0.235 and the rows are back in the table, but no errors are shown.
So it appears to not be a bug as such (or at least is fixed) but will probably still happen if someone downgrades or loads a database to an older PW version.

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