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Weekly update – 13 October 2023


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There hasn't been a lot of activity on the core this week, as I've been wrapped up in a ProcessWire-based client project (same one as last week). I'd like to put in a few more updates before bumping the version number, which will likely be next week. This week I also released a new module to accommodate a feature that had been requested more than once, but since it's not that commonly needed, I thought it was better to put it in a module rather than the core: 

Custom Inputfield Attributes for ProcessWire

This module enhances both the interactive and API configurability of fields in ProcessWire (both admin and front-end). It can add custom attributes to Inputfields in ProcessWire, FormBuilder, or other Inputfield forms. Custom attributes can be configured interactively in the admin, or they can be added via this module’s API method.

Custom attributes can be added to the <input> element of an Inputfield or they can be added to the wrapping .Inputfield element. You can add any attribute that you want (with a few exceptions), whether replacing or appending existing attributes, adding data-* attributes or any other named attribute.

This module is available for download now on GitHub with more details on the module info page. Thanks for reading and have a great weekend!

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