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Session Info

Lists information about active sessions in a similar way to SessionHandlerDB, but for file-based sessions.

Only install the module if you are not already using SessionHandlerDB.


1. If you want to be able to see the pages that are being viewed by active sessions then set...

$config->sessionHistory = 1;

...in /site/config.php

If you have already set $config->sessionHistory to a higher number then you can leave it unchanged: 1 is the minimum needed for use in the Session Info module.

2. Install the Session Info module. A helper module named "Session Extras" will be automatically installed also.

3. If you want to be able to see the IP address and/or user agent for active sessions then visit the module config page for Session Extras and tick the relevant checkboxes.


4. You can now view information about active sessions at Access > Sessions.


With $config->sessionHistory set to 1 or higher:


Additional information is listed when IP address and user agent tracking are enabled in Session Extras:




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