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I've been wanted to start this theme for a while because ever since I first heard of ProcessWire I felt it needed a really calm theme, one void of clutter and noise. While I may have taken this one to the extreme, I'm hoping some will find it's simplicity refreshing.



It will be optimised for mobile devices and you can customise the colours, even the grey. I look forward to posting more of my progress!

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Sorry it's been a while since I last updated you guys on this theme. I was moving house when I started this theme and then I didn't have the internet for a few weeks and then I was ill. lol. But I'm all better now and I've continued developing this theme.

Before you see the new screenshots of it's progress I just want to share what I found while developing this theme.

I found the markup for the admin theme a bit messy. Styling all the fieldsets for example was quite a challenge because some fieldsets are within fieldsets and so you end up with this doubling up effect. As I started to discover more of the admin theme I realised there are a lot of user experience issues and some fieldsets can be quite heavy. Once I've finished this theme I would very much like to offer my help in suggestions for improving the overal experience of the admin.

So I took all my learning into consideration and tried to think of the best way to develop a theme that I could build and suited ProcessWire's current way of presenting information; which so far has led me to this approach. I haven't included the header or footers in these screenshots because I'm still playing around with it.

Example of editing Guest role:


Example of editing Admin user:


Example of editing Field module:


As you can see it's changed quite a bit, but I'm feeling a lot more confident about where I want to go with this theme. I'll keep you guys updated in the following weeks as to when I'll release an alpha version of it so you guys can help me find any quirky bugs with it.

Thanks for listening. :)

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Looks great! I really like what your doing visually, but also that you are offering help to improve the admin in general.

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Love it! This is what a good admin theme is all about. The minimal looks doesn't distract you from the content + it works great with all site themes. I think that the current PW admin theme feels too stylized and doesn't feel like an admin theme. It's especially confusing when you first install PW since the default site theme looks exactly the same.

Can't wait to try this, though!

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