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Module: Custom Page List


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I'm not 100% sure how the Process is named that you are looking for, but I guess smth like ProcessPageTree or similar is what you need to activate it for.

In the settings you can enable json config, then in your browser console type console.log(AdminCustomFiles) and a JSON object including the process name will show up.

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This is a typo, throwing the "ReferenceError: AdminCustomFiles is not defined".

You meant


(like the Tip below the JSON checkbox).

But with this I get 

process: "ProcessModule"

instead of the necessary "ProcessPageList".

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@dynweb could you please provide some more examples as I have a theme which has a title and a featured checkmark.

Most preferably I want to display: {STAR-Icon} Title (when featured=1) and Title (when featured=0)

But would already be please by Title [featured=Yes/No]


However I don't know how to do either of them

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