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The scenario is,  I manage a magazine website, I have an article to publish, but before making it public available, I have to show the preview to my Editor and get approval. What I have done is, I created the page, filled the contents then put it as a Unpublished status. I as admin can see the preview of the page but when I send this page link to the editor ( he has no admin access, he should not because the person may vary with each articles ) , the editor cannot view the preview of Unpublished page. Is there any workaround on this ?  Is it possible to make this preview page watchable with a direct link ?


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If you (or somenone) needs a more "secure" method maybe an easy review process could be realised like this:

1. Create two templates with similar fields (ie. article and article-draft).

2. article-draft is only visible to specific usergroup (ie editors)

3. after reviewing the editor could change the template from article-draft to article which is viewable by guests.

This way you could also create a page showing a list of all article-draft pages, so the editor has an easy way to find all non-approved articles.

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