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[SOLVED] Access inputfield config data

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Hey folks,

Iam working on a module that extends InputfieldPageTable. I use PageTableExtended as a starting point and all went well so far, except I can't access my config values outside of the module file. The config values allways return the defaults, and not the values in the pw field settings. 

Here is the code that sets the defaults inside my inputfield module file:

 public function init() {
      // defaults
        $this->set('gridMaxWidth', '1600');
        $this->set('gridColumns', '12');

Here is how I add the config field:

public function ___getConfigInputfields() {

$inputfields = parent::___getConfigInputfields();

$fieldsetGrid = $this->modules->get('InputfieldFieldset');
$fieldsetGrid->label = $this->_('Default Grid Settings');  
$f = $this->wire('modules')->get('InputfieldText');
$f->attr('name', 'gridMaxWidth');
$f->attr('value', $this->gridMaxWidth);
$f->label = $this->_('Container max width');
$f->description = $this->_('Grid container max width in px'); // page name format description
$f->notes = $this->_('default is 1600'); // page name format notes


 return $inputfields;

Accessing the values outside my module files like this (this gives me the default: 1600, even if I insert another value in the backend field settings):

$default = $this->wire('modules')->get('InputfieldPageGrid');

Any Ideas?

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ok I think a understand now.
This is giving me the data from the field settings page in pw:

$default = $this->wire("fields")->get('fieldname');

While this is just giving me the defaults from the inputfield module:

$default = $this->wire('modules')->get('InputfieldPageGrid');

It all makes sense 🙂

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