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I don't find how to save my URL segments


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Could you please clarify what the bug/problem is? 

16 hours ago, Sten said:

Sorry I can't find any submit button to save my configuration on a template in the admin interface. The file is fine.

  1. What file is fine?
  2. Are you suggesting that when editing any template, you cannot see the save button?
  3. ProcessWire version?
42 minutes ago, Sten said:

I can't explain it as I just transfered everything on an other server for a test. I used an other way through the database directly.

Does this mean you managed to resolve the issue?

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Thank you Kongondo, this a bug from me, I am testing my site on another server, removing my templates engine extensions that cause problems when upgrading.
This is definitely not a PW bug. I found my file template had a remnants of the twig template engine.


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